How One Woman’s Thanking Those Who Deliver Packages To Her House

Both of my grandparents worked for the US Postal Service. They always appreciated those who gave them treats during the holiday season.

One woman in Idaho is doing exactly that, but she's going above and beyond. Instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, she's leaving out heaps of goodies for the delivery workers from USPS, FedEx and UPS.

"They deliver too, so they should get treats too," Alicia Cassarino told KIVI-TV. "It's the same service."

Her box of goodies is filled with water, soda, protein bars and "maybe some leftover Halloween candy" thrown in there. She wrote a note saying that each worker who stops by her door can grab as many treats as they'd like and left the box on her doorstep.

With all of her Christmas shopping and running a small business out of her home, delivery workers come by on a daily basis. This box of goodies is a simple way for Cassarino to say thanks to those who deliver her goods.

"Especially yesterday, when the snow started and nothing was shoveled, I just felt terrible that they had to walk up to all the houses, so I just made a little something to go outside," Cassarino told the local Boise station.

After posting her idea on Instagram, it went viral, and FedEx "gave me a shout-out [the other day] saying that was really kind."

If you'd like to put out your own box of goodies, go ahead. Cassarino gives you her blessing.

"I think it's an easy way for people to say thank you to people that offer services that we forget about," she said. "As we just click 'purchase' constantly, we forget that someone has to bring that to our door and it's not so nice out sometimes."

Cassarino usually doesn't get to see the delivery workers' reactions, but "when I refill that bucket, I know it worked," she said.