Old Navy Employee Saves The Day When Customer’s Baby Has Meltdown

We can all use a little happy. And this Old Navy employee not only made the day of the tired mom she helped out, but her example of kindness continues to bring smiles to a much wider audience.

Danyale Peterson was shopping with her son, Cole, at Old Navy when he started to get fussy. Peterson was prepared to drag him out to the car to get supplies to feed him when an employee stopped her to help.

She simply asked if she could hold Cole while Peterson went to her car. Although hesitant at first, Peterson took the kind stranger up on her offer.

Peterson was so touched by the employee's kindness, she shared the full story with Love What Matters to thank her.

The grateful mom shares the full story:

"I have to share my experience with y'all. So I was in Old Navy (Warner Robins) with Cole initially asleep in his car seat. A few minutes into shopping he woke up and began to get fussy..ready to eat. I proceeded back to the front of the store so I could leave my things and go get his bag when this employee stopped me to help."

Wouldn't it be great if everyone showed this level of empathy, especially for new moms? Peterson went on to say:

"She asked if I wanted her to hold him while I went to the car. I hesitated at first quite naturally but accepted her help. Before I even made it to the door, Cole had stopped crying. When I returned, he was still so calm and content. She was so in love with his scent she said 'Oh my God, you have to smell this baby' to her coworker. I laughed."

But the kindness didn't end there.

"She told me she had 30 minutes of time she could care for him while I shopped. She would sit on the floor and feed him too if I got the bottle ready. I let her. She even walked around the store with him after he ate talking to him-telling him he could be a President or Teacher, whatever he chose to be and kissing him softly on his cheeks and head!"

We are choking up over here. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this Old Navy employee stepped in to be this mom's "village" when she needed it. Couldn't we all use this kind of positivity and affirmation in our lives?