NICU Babies Celebrate Halloween With Adorable Handmade Costumes

These costumes are so special for the families with babies in the NICU.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is not necessarily where you imagine spending the first Halloween with your baby. Instead of trick-or-treating, these little ones are getting individualized attention in the hospital.

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, did something a little extra special for the parents and all of the babies in its NICU in honor of Halloween this year.

Yahoo News reports that nurses and volunteers with The March of Dimes teamed up to create costumes for the newborns.

There were butterflies, baseball players, super heroes and more in the mix. They let each set of parents pick which costume they wanted their baby to wear. Then, each baby was also given a crochet pumpkin, for trick-or-treating, of course.

And the cuteness doesn’t stop there. They also created “trick or treat? smell my feet” cards with a footprint of the baby stamped on the card as a little keepsake for the parents.

“The idea is to be able to allow parents to have a sense of normalcy. In the NICU you might be there for weeks or months and this is to help spend that first Halloween and those special first moments together—make those special family memories with us,” the hospital’s Director of Media Relations, Michelle Manuel, told ABC News.

You’ve got to go big or go home for your baby’s first Halloween, after all. This hospital team definitely went big! And boy, was it worth it!

“It makes me feel like it’s somewhat normal. We wouldn’t have normally been here, and she wouldn’t have missed out on Halloween,” mom Carli Neider told the publication. “She would have had a costume. So now, we get to participate in our own kind of Halloween here.”

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Not only did the hospital succeed in brightening the parents’ day, but they also win the prize of most adorable thing on the internet, as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, I could look at these babies and their tiny little costumes all day.

[h/t: Yahoo News]