This Newborn Baby Getting Her Hair Washed Is So Adorable

There is just something so beautiful about watching a newborn baby getting his or her first bath. In most cases, the warm water is so soothing and comforting to them?after all, they just spent 9 months floating in a soundless, peaceful world, so the water must feel just like home.

Perhaps that is why Taveon Glenn's newborn daughter is enjoying her first bath so much. Glenn recorded his little girl getting her hair washed for the first time, and the look of pure peace and pleasure on her face is simply adorable to behold.

Watch the video here:

People are loving the sweet video, and it has already been viewed over 24 million times on Facebook! What is so transfixing about this video? Is it her perfect expression of total bliss? Is it the calming, gentle voice of the nurse? Who knows? But we do know it's just beautiful. Here is what commenters have to say:

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Others are saying the video is making them long for a babe of their own:

This isn't the first time that a video of bathing babies has gone viral. This amazing video of twins having their first bath together is incredible to view. It as if you are getting a peek into what their lives must have been like together in the womb:

How touching is that? Their expressions combined with the way they are snuggling each other is almost too cute to bear!

Human babies aren't the only creatures who get a million times more adorable in the bathtub. This video of baby sloths getting a bath is pretty stinkin' cute too!

And here are some fennec foxes getting a bubble bath:

Sigh. Everything is better with bubbles!

h/t: The Huffington Post