Rescued Dog Loses 35 Pounds After Getting His First Haircut In 6 Years

In the Bible, Lazurus rose from the dead.

While this Great Pyrenees dog wasn't dead, he was in pretty bad shape. It seems poor Lazurus, as he's named, was kept in a feces-filled barn stall for six years! According to The Dodo, he was discovered by two dog groomers, Candice Skelton and Jessica Kincheloe. A neighbor had asked the groomers to help the dog since his owner is terminally ill.

A team of folks ended up getting involved, as you can see in the video below from a member of the dog rescue group called Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville. The first thing Laz got was a trim. And boy howdy did he need one.

They trimmed him up and he lost 35 pounds of weight from all that fur. The team stresses that he was not abused, just neglected. (Although, personally speaking as a dog lover, this level of extreme neglect qualifies as abuse.)

The Dodo says Laz is now with a foster in Virginia. He's still timid and is nowhere close to being adoption-ready. This will be a long healing process.

Big Fluffy founder Jean Harrison told The Dodo, "He approached a freshly grilled steak cautiously which made us sad," she says. "But he quickly got the idea, and he was incredibly happy to have that steak."

All images via Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey on Facebook.