Need Some Help Getting In The Holiday Spirit? Watch This Heartwarming Amazon Commercial

At the end of the year, we're subjected to a barrage of advertising—even more than usual—from companies eager to land their products under our trees come Dec. 25. From luxury cars to slippers, everything is fair game. Amidst the clutter of those ad spots, once in a while a commercial comes along that we actually want to watch (like those Budweiser Christmas commercials back in 1987).

The new spot from Amazon U.K. is just such a commercial. And it comes at the perfect time, as 2016 has been marked by a lot of heated and hateful rhetoric during the course of the U.S. presidential election. This heartwarming commercial reminds us that regardless of our religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, human beings are really more similar than we are different.

The spot opens with two older clergymen—one Christian and the other Muslim—who are catching up over a cup of tea. The men appear to be having a lighthearted conversation, and sharing a laugh about the realities of getting older (aching knees are universal, aren't they?).

After the friends say their farewells, they both decide to pull out their smartphones and order up a small gift for the other via Amazon Prime (have to work the product in there somewhere). They each select the same gift for each other—and it's a thoughtful one one that will come in handy for their respective lines of work (and arrive in two short days, of course!).

The men in the commercial aren't actors, according to Martha Stewart. They're an actual imam and vicar from the U.K. Before they started work on the ad, Amazon consulted with various groups like the Church of England, the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Christian Muslim Forum—just to make sure it wouldn't ruffle any feathers.

The Muslim man in the commercial is Zubeir Hassam, principal of the Muslim School in Leicestershire, according to The Telegraph.

"This is what I do in the community—I didn't do any acting, I was just being myself," Hassam told The Telegraph. "I think the message is very good—people from different backgrounds can share gifts and can see each other. With all the bad publicity we have got this is a very, very positive ad showing that people of different faiths can get together."

The Christian clergyman is Reverend Gary Bradley, who is vicar of Little Venice in north-west London. He has an interesting back story. Bradley gave up a shot at an acting career to go into the ministry, according to the Telegraph. So now, he's gotten his chance to appear on screen!

Have a look at the touching commercial for yourself. We guarantee it will make you feel a little better about the state of the world—and help you get into the holiday sprit.