Need A Big Dose Of Cuteness? These Baby Pandas Should Do The Trick!

I may have to move to move to China… and into the Chegdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. If you thought regular-sized pandas were cute, wait till you check out these baby ones. They're guaranteed to take any depression away. Since 1987, the center has been THE place for panda-rescuing efforts. Not only does it house pandas of all ages, but it also serves as a nursery and breeding ground—which is especially important, given how few of these types of pandas exist in the wild anymore.

They start as babies:


Can you imagine sharing a crib with all your siblings?

Then, they sleep—some wanting to cuddle, some not:

And let's not forget to watch them trying to pose for a family photo:

Like all of us, they like to eat:

Sometimes, they are loners:

Once they have energy, like all youngsters, they love to play:

In all different ways:

And in human ways, too:

Eventually, they get older and more rambunctious:

And even fight:


All in all, though, no matter what they're doing, the pandas maintain the same level of cuteness… ULTRA-SUPER-DUPER CUTE. You can watch even more videos here (all day long!). And there's even a Panda Cam, so you can, literally, check up on the pandas 24/7.

So, remember, you have no excuse to be sad. At the first moment you feel it coming on, just tune in to one of the above!