Is This The Most Spectacular Marriage Proposal Ever?

Marriage proposals are something many people dream of: How will their partner do it? Will they know it's about to happen? Or will they be genuinely surprised? Then there's the location to think about. People have memorably popped the question everywhere from a McDonald's drive-thru to onstage during a live performance of "Beauty and the Beast."

Well, this marriage proposal raises the bar for future proposals everywhere. Photographer Dale Sharpe asked his photographer girlfriend, Karlie Russell, to marry him—with the Arctic Circle's Northern Lights in the background. No big deal, right?! And talk about perfect lighting! Check out Sharpe's Facebook post about the proposal:

WE'RE ENGAGED!What a more romantic location to propose than in the heart of the Arctic Circle under the Northern?

Posted by DK Photography on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Amazing! Best. Proposal. Ever. As you can see, thousands of people have reacted to the post so far, from liking it to loving it to being wowed by it. We feel all three.

“…Fortunately though my plan worked & tonight the aurora was firing in one of the most incredible displays of colour we have ever seen,” Sharpe said in his post. “I tricked Karlie into believing we were shooting a selfie & used a torch to light us up for the image.”

Clever! We love it! Since Sharpe and Russell are both photographers and run DK Photography together, the bar for capturing the perfect image was set pretty high. And since the couple often captures pictures of the Northern Lights, what a meaningful setting, as Sharpe himself said in his post: “It's taken a few years to plan but I (Dale) always had this moment in mind & it seemed fitting as we are both landscape photographers who share a passion for photographing the aurora.”

Here's another picture of the Northern Lights that they captured a few days prior, on Haukland Beach in Norway.

Haukland Beach, Norway…Where better to see the northern lights then in the Arctic Circle in winter…We've just?

Posted by DK Photography on Monday, February 27, 2017

By the way, in case you're not familiar, seeing the Northern Lights is a very hit-or-miss phenomenon. The Lights appear in various shapes, sizes and colors, from green to purple to pink, and from faint to filling the whole sky—but you never know what you're going to get.

Often, they don't show up at all. It may be a clear night, but then clouds suddenly appear and hide the lights from sight. Various websites exist to help predict if you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights on any given night. But, usually, you just have to keep trying—which makes Sharpe's proposal all the more special and amazing.

In any case, we congratulate the couple, and Sharpe on the best proposal ever!