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Celebrities Who Charge The Most For Cameo Messages—And Those You Can Get For A Steal

Can you imagine waking up on your birthday to a personal video message from one of your favorite celebrities? That’s what the online service, Cameo, offers to anyone willing to pay.

Thousands of celebrities — including actors, comedians, athletes and other notable people — have lent their star status to Cameo since it first launched in 2017. Each famous person charges a fee to record personalized messages for paying customers, with the rates varying widely depending on the celebrity.

We sorted through to find the most expensive celebs to book for a message on Cameo — plus we found five good ones that you can book for a bargain. Note: Many of the celebs on Cameo are influencers or internet stars, so we kept our list limited to people with more mainstream name recognition.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — $500

In other lists on this website, we’ve not only named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the best player in the history of college basketball but also one of the top three players in NBA history. He had an incredible career on the court and has continued to do great work off of it, as a philanthropist and a thoughtful columnist at The Hollywood Reporter.

Now, you can book the six-time NBA champion for a personal message for $500. It may sound like a hefty fee but Abdul-Jabbar has earned nothing but perfect reviews from the people who’ve hired him, and Cameo says he typically replies to requests within just three days!

Brett Favre — $500

Super Bowl champion Brett Favre is easily one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, so you can only imagine how pumped a football fan would be to get a message from him. The “Gunslinger” may not be throwing passes anymore but you can hire him to deliver a personal greeting for $500 on Cameo.

While that’s not cheap, the Hall of Famer has a great track record on the website, racking up an average 4.7-star review from 87 satisfied customers so far. The company also says he typically replies within a single day.

Mariano Rivera — $500

Just like Favre, MLB icon Mariano Rivera typically responds to requests within a single day. That’s pretty impressive for a guy we called one of the three greatest pitchers in baseball history and a key member of the greatest pro sports team ever.

The 13-time MLB All-Star and five-time World Series champion commands $500 for each of his messages, which his clients have apparently all been thrilled with. The New York Yankees hero, who was born in Panama, will even do his message in Spanish if you prefer, which makes his messages even more unique.

Wesley Snipes — $500

While many celebs just give their Cameo clients a simple shout-out with a personal message about whatever special occasion they may be celebrating, Wesley Snipes gives his a lot more than that. If you just watch a few of the video messages he’s made for people on his Cameo page, you’ll see he often performs them in character from one of his many classic movies or just goes off on entire comedic routines that are legitimately hilarious.

You might have to wait seven days to get a reply from the “Blade” star but it’ll almost surely be worth the $500, based on his perfect grade from users.

Brian Urlacher — $540

Another NFL legend that you can hire for a personal message is Brian Urlacher. The Hall-of-Fame linebacker charges $540 for his shout-outs but you can virtually guarantee any Chicago Bears fan would freak out over the gift.

Based on watching the videos posted to his Cameo page, it seems like Urlacher takes a pretty straightforward and short-winded approach to his messages but users have given him a perfect grade so far.

Charlie Sheen — $550

If you ask the dozens of people who’ve paid $550 to have Charlie Sheen deliver a personal message, they’d apparently tell you it was a bargain. He has more than 100 reviews so far, averaging to an impressive 4.9-star grade, showing that people are clearly happy with the work he does on the site. The “Two and a Half Men” star and legendary bad boy appears to put his signature attitude and personality into every message, making him a hit with Cameo users.

Chris Harrison — $600

Fans of ABC’s “The Bachelor” would flip to get a personal message from host Chris Harrison. The $600 price tag is pretty hefty but, if you watch just a few of the sample videos on his Cameo page, you can tell he is about as smooth as silk when it comes to delivering these shout-outs. He even does many of the videos from the set of “The Bachelor” or “Bachelor in Paradise” and sometimes manages to work a rose into them! Harrison’s nearly 100 reviews so far are all perfect grades and he typically replies within three days.

Gary Payton — $625

Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton has a reputation as the greatest trash talker in NBA history, making him a natural choice to send Cameo messages. The former NBA champion commands $625 for his shout-outs, which is one of the highest fees for any basketball player.

Payton is one of those ex-athletes that’s especially known for his big personality and you can see it come through in the few videos he’s got posted on his Cameo page. In one, he even promises a big Seattle SuperSonics fan that the team will return to the NBA one day, which had to make that guy’s day!

Kevin O’Leary — $999

It’s no surprise that many businesses and entrepreneurs have reached out to “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary for Cameo shout-outs. “Mr. Wonderful” commands a pricey $999 for his services but the website’s users seem to love him, as he holds a perfect, five-star overall grade from more than 100 reviewers.

O’Leary does many of his videos from the set of the hit ABC show, giving fans of the show a quick peek at what happens behind the scenes.

Alexis Ohanian — $999

Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit and the husband of tennis icon Serena Williams, so why would he need to charge $999 for shout-outs on Cameo? He’s doing it for charity. The entrepreneur is donating all the money he earns on Cameo to Donors Choose, which gives money to projects in public schools. So far, Ohanian has only earned a couple reviews but they are perfect grades.

Kam Chancellor — $1,000

If you happen to know a major Seattle Seahawks fan and have $1,000 to spare, this could be an incredible gift. Former All-Pro safety Kam Chancellor is doing Cameo messages that are apparently so good that one reviewer said the company should be renamed “Kameo.”

There are no sample videos posted to the former Super Bowl champ’s page but he’s got a pair of perfect reviews and he assures interested clients in his bio, “I’m dropping gems, so it’s worth it.”

Affion Crockett — $1,000

Actor Affion Crockett has appeared in dozens of movies, including “A Haunted House” and “The Wedding Ringer,” and now he can shoot something just for you. The multi-talented Crockett is also known for his skills as a comedian and dancer, meaning his shout-outs are pretty much guaranteed to be entertaining. Just watch the videos on his Cameo profile and you’ll see why several people have shelled out $1,000 for his services and have given him a perfect grade.

Josh Norman — $1,000

Football fans would be pumped to get a message from Josh Norman for his work as an All-Pro cornerback but fans of “Dancing with the Stars” would probably also get excited. The Washington Redskins player competed on the 2018 season of the hit ABC show and finished in second place.

He’s currently doing Cameo videos for $1,000 each but he’s in the middle of a busy NFL season so it might be a couple days before you get a reply.

Miye Oni — $1,000

You won’t find many athletes at the elite level with an academic background like Miye Oni’s. He played college basketball at Yale and, in 2019, became the first Ivy League basketball player to be chosen in the NBA Draft since 1995. Oni is about to begin his rookie season with the Utah Jazz, so if he becomes an All-Star-level star, you might see his Cameo fee go even higher in the coming years.

Metta World Peace — $1,000

Former NBA All-Star Metta World Peace will also give you a shout-out for $1,000, putting him along with some of the most expensive athletes on Cameo. He’s regarded as one of the best defenders in basketball history, so most hoops fans would be pumped to get a shout-out from him. He won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010, meaning fans of the Purple & Gold would probably be most thrilled with a message from Metta.

Angela Simmons — $1,000

Fans of the popular MTV reality show, “Run’s House,” will be very familiar with Angela Simmons. The daughter of Run-DMC’s Joseph Simmons, Angela Simmons has also worked in fashion and currently stars in the WE tv show, “Growing Up Hip Hop,” which she also produces.  She’s got a fantastic energy, which you can see in the videos that are on her Cameo profile. She’s charging $1,000 for her shout-outs and has nothing but perfect grades from customers so far.

Michael Vick — $1,000

If I asked you to name the highest-priced ex-NFL players on Cameo, I’m doubting Michael Vick would be one of your first guesses. The former Pro Bowl quarterback had a great career that was nearly ruined by his well-publicized involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring.

He’s spent time working as a broadcaster so he’s not a stranger to talking to the camera. Long-time fans of the Atlanta Falcons or Virginia Tech football will likely be most pumped to hear from Vick. His $1,000 fee has so far netted him a perfect review.

Marlon Wayans — $1,000

Marlon Wayans stands tied with Affion Crockett as the most expensive person in the “Actors” category on Cameo. His $1,000 shout-outs have earned him an average score of five stars from nine satisfied customers.

The star of shows like “The Wayans” and “Marlon,” as well as movies like “Requiem for a Dream” and “Scary Movie” is well known for his great personality, so it makes sense that his video messages would be hits.

Caitlyn Jenner — $2,500

There’s no shout-out more expensive in the athletes category than one from Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympian and icon for transgender rights also has the most expensive fee of anyone that has a legitimate shot of being hired for top dollar.

If you think nobody would pay that kind of money for a Cameo message, you’d be wrong. Jenner currently has an average 4.9-star rating from seven satisfied customers who’ve paid for her shout-outs. Jenner also typically replies within five days of a request, making her Cameo game even more impressive.

Chris D’Elia — $50,000

Nobody on Cameo has a higher fee than comedian Chris D’Elia — and apparently nobody ever will. The star of shows like “Whitney” and “Undateable” wrote in his bio on the website that, “I’d [charge] more but Cameo doesn’t allow me to do it.”

Shockingly, nobody has yet paid $50,000 for a shout-out from D’Elia, so we can’t report what his user ratings look like. We suppose if he books a single gig he’ll probably have earned more than most Cameo personalities do in their entire careers on the site.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you a few Cameo celebrities who we think are offering their shout-out services for way too little.

Bargain: Gilbert Gottfried — $150

Honestly, Gilbert Gottfried could be charging $500 to give personal messages and we’d probably consider it a steal. I mean, he’s one of the funniest comedians to ever live and has one of the most iconic voices in history.

That $150 price point has apparently made him one of the most popular hires on the site, as the “Aladdin” star has more than 500 reviews from customers and holds an average grade of 4.9 stars! He also typically replies to requests within two hours, making him one of the fastest workers on the site.

Bargain: Raven-Symoné — $100

What kid who grew up in the 1990s or 2000s wouldn’t be excited to hear a personal message from Raven-Symoné? She’s offering her talents to Cameo for just $100 per shout-out, which is dirt cheap for one of the most beloved child stars of all time. Whether you liked her on “The Cosby Show” or “That’s So Raven” or “Black-ish” — personally, we have the fondest memories of “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” — Raven-Symoné could be a great choice to book for a loved one’s special day. Just check out the fact that she has nothing but perfect reviews so far and typically replies within three days!

Bargain: Tony Todd — $75

The fact that you can get one of the most intimidating horror actors ever to send you a shout-out for less than $80 is one of Cameo’s best deals. Tony Todd is an icon for scary movie fans for his work in classics like “Final Destination” and “Candyman.”

But fans of Star Trek would be thrilled to hear his signature, growling voice saying their name on video as well. Todd’s work on Cameo has earned him perfect grades so far.

Bargain: Taye Diggs — $75

It’s pretty much a proven fact that Taye Diggs is one of the most handsome and talented men in Hollywood history, so who wouldn’t want a shout-out from him? The star of Broadway shows like “Rent” and beloved movies like “The Best Man,” Diggs is offering his skills on Cameo for just $75. He typically replies to requests within five days and has an average score of 4.8 stars, so it seems like booking him for a message is well worth the money.

Bargain: Chris Hansen — $50

There is probably no better bang for your buck on Cameo than booking Chris Hansen for a shout-out. The legendary former host of “To Catch a Predator” offers his services for just $50 and for that, he’ll deliver his classic, killer lines that used to break sexual predators down on TV to the person of your choosing.

In the sample videos posted to his Cameo page, he tells some people to “have a seat” and that he “has the transcripts right here” of their lewd chats, all with a straight face in that silky smooth voice. He’s got a perfect, five-star average score from more than 250 customers. They are probably the only people to ever be glad to hear Hanson say those words.