Mom Of Two Volunteers To Be Her Sister’s Surrogate

From birth you are expected to share everything with your siblings. "What's mine is ours" is a mantra that reigns supreme in most households. But could you share your uterus with your sibling?

That's exactly what one really special sister did when she decided to become a surrogate for her sister who had struggled for years to conceive a baby.

Aimee Morrisby and her husband, Jake, had all but given up on their five-year battle with infertility when they received a call that would change everything.

On that call, Aimee's sister Shayna Wiffen—who had been privy to the ups and downs of Morrisby's struggle—told her sister simply, "Let's have a baby."

Wiffen already had two healthy children of her own and felt the time was right to get pregnant again—this time with her sister's baby.

Morrisby and her husband had tried several failed rounds of IVF and suffered four miscarriages in the years leading up to her sister's selfless offer. Later, doctor's discovered a bowel disease had left Morrisby's uterus a wasteland of scar tissue that made it nearly impossible for her to carry a baby to term.

With this news the couple was able to use one of the leftover embryos from Morrisby's IVF treatments to impregnate Shayna. And, the surrogacy was a success from the start. Both husbands were on hand to support the sisters every step of the way as the Morrisby baby grew inside Wiffen.

On the big day, Morrisby was right by her sister's side as she delivered a perfect little girl, Francesca Louise Morrisby.

Today, their little girl is nearly 8 months old, and Wiffen is committed to sharing this powerful experience.

She offered advice to the Daily Mail, hoping to inspire more women to become surrogates.

"My biggest advice to mothers that are pushing themselves to the brink is that it is OK to stop trying in your own body. At the end of the day there is no way my own daughter would be as happy and healthy if I had given birth to her.”

Watch the full birth story of these amazing sisters here.