Mom Loses 137 Pounds After Quitting Drinking, Smoking And Bad Eating Habits

When simple tasks like walking around the grocery store and putting on socks became a struggle, one inspiring mom made a choice to get healthy.

A back injury had left Misty Mitchell unable to work, which eventually forced her to sell her home. Sedentary and depressed, she began some unhealthy habits that eventually led to extreme weight gain.

The Texas mom recently shared her story with the Daily Mail.

"I was eating all day, then drinking by night, then because I was hungover I was eating badly ? it was a terrible cycle and amounted to me consuming a lot of calories. On my worst days I probably drank around half a litre of vodka, which equates to an additional 1,000 empty calories on top of my poor diet."

But, instead of continuing down this dark path—at nearly 300 pounds—Mitchell decided to make a change. Declaring "enough is enough," she quit eating carbs, drinking and smoking cigarettes all on the same day: February 20, 2015.

With these new healthy habits in place, Mitchell, now 36, eventually added in weightlifting and yoga too. Because of this combined effort, she has lost 137 pounds so far, and can fit her whole body into one of her old pant legs.

Looking at Misty Mitchell today it is hard to imagine her struggling to paint her own toe nails not so long ago. Her new physique is a testament to her hard work and dedication and the results are dramatic. Look at those guns!

Inspired to help others who may be in a similar situation, Mitchell has started her own company Mind Your Macros. She focuses on helping clients lose weight by implementing the ketogenic (low-carb, high-protein) diet that was so successful for her. And as for alcohol, this mom has yet to have a drink since her decision to quit and get healthy.

You go girl!