Mom Fought (And Won!) For Son With Down Syndrome To Be Included In OshKosh Ad Campaign

Update 11/14/16: On Oct. 25, Nash and Asher met with the CEO of Carter's, Michael D. Casey, OshKosh is a subsidiary of Carter's. Due to the viral attention of Asher's campaign, the company has asked Asher to participate in a photo shoot for their holiday campaign!

“I'm still trying to process what happened, but I'm so happy with the outcome,” Nash told “They didn't have to pick Asher. The point was for them to start using and including people with disabilities.”

An OshKosh B'Gosh spokesperson told that the holiday campaign will run on their website, social channels and email marketing blasts. In addition to this, Asher has already been invited to participate in a casting call and photoshoot in March!

Meagan Nash recently submitted her son, Asher, to an Atlanta modeling agency that sources models for OshKosh B'Gosh. The children's clothing giant was seeking models for its toddler clothes. However, Nash never heard back. Finally, she followed up with the agency. Sadly, the representatives told her that they were not seeking children with special needs at this time.

Yes, Asher has Down syndrome. The little boy (who loves to be in front of the camera) is both adorable and outgoing, so Nash thought he would be a shoo-in for OshKosh B'Gosh. However, children with Down syndrome are rarely seen in advertising campaigns or in the media. They are severely underrepresented, which isn't great news for children with Down syndrome or society as a whole. Instead of learning to embrace those with different abilities, people learn that Down syndrome is something to be feared or avoided.

Well, Nash and her bouncing baby boy want to change all that. Nash has taken to social media to try and convince OshKosh B'Gosh that it is time to start showing kids with Down Syndrome in their ad campaigns. She posted this impassioned plea on the Kids with Down Syndrome Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, the touching post has gone viral. It has over 100,000 likes and has been shared almost 125,000 times. Check out this adorable kid—it's no wonder people just can't get enough of him!

Not only is he as cute as can be, but his personality just shines through. Tyra Banks  would say that this kid knows how to work it! Smize, Asher, Smize!

Of course, Asher's campaign is not just about him and his ability to shine in front of the camera. It's about bringing visibility to all kids with Down Syndrome and removing the stigma from the condition. Doing so will make life better not only for kids and adults with the condition, but also for the friends and family who love and care for them.