Mom Fighting Cancer Gives Birth To Quadruplets

Being pregnant is hard, so being pregnant with quadruplets must be four times harder. But being pregnant with quadruplets while fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma sounds downright impossible.

Yet one amazing mom from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, did just that. Kayla Gaytan and her husband, Charles, have had one heck of a year.

Married in January 2016, the couple received devastating news just one month after tying the knot. Kayla, who had complained of a persistent itch, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. She spent the next five months aggressively treating her disease with chemotherapy and celebrated when doctors told her the cancer was in remission.

Fast forward a month after being declared cancer-free, Kayla would receive an even bigger surprise. While unsure as to whether or not the couple would even be able to have more children (the couple have two older children, Ethan and Harper), Kayla and Charles found out they had naturally and spontaneously conceived quadruplets.

Kayla told CBS News, "It was more than a complete shock, but also such a blessing."

Things seemed to progress perfectly as Kayla carried her babies. But at 28 weeks Kayla had a biopsy that revealed her cancer was back. Devastated by the news, the couple, along with their doctors, decided to deliver the babies at 30 weeks so that Kayla could once again begin treatment.

On Dec. 3o, the couple and big siblings Ethan and Harper welcomed Charles, Michael, Victoria and Lillian into the world. The quads, born weighing roughly 3 pounds each, are healthy, but will be in the NICU until February gaining strength.

As her babies fight for strength, Kayla will fight for her life. She starts chemo on Jan. 18 to target the tumors that have returned to her chest, neck and armpit. Doctors say she has a 50/50 shot of surviving.

Kayla will not let her diagnosis get her down. She told Today her family's love and wanting to see her babies grow up motivate her to beat those odds.

"Knowing that I have four new babies here that I'd like to see grow up and see how their personalities play out, that's a big role in what helps me get through it,” she said.

To help Kayla beat those odds, her family has started a GoFundMe page. As of the afternoon of January 12, the family had received more than triple its initial ask of $5,000.