Every MLB Team’s Most Famous Celebrity Fan

Celebrities often seem totally unrelatable to most of us regular people, but the love of our favorite sports teams is one way that we aren’t so different. Like we’ve shown with the NBA and NFL in other lists, Major League Baseball has its fair share of famous fans scattered all across North America.

Every team in the big leagues has its own notable backers — some more visible than others — and we’ve rounded up the most famous one for each. To qualify for our list, the person had to be famous for something other than their love for baseball and had to have publicly declared their fandom for the team in some way. Here’s every MLB team’s most famous fan.

Arizona Diamondbacks — Alice Cooper

Despite having a World Series title and a stadium with a swimming pool to their name, the Arizona Diamondbacks don’t have a ton of visible celebrity fans. One that has professed his love for them, however, is rock icon and longtime Phoenix resident, Alice Cooper. For nearly 20 years, Cooper owned a sports bar and restaurant near Chase Field, cleverly named Alice Cooper’stown, where many Diamondbacks fans would congregate.

While the musician is a Detroit native and has said he loves the Tigers, Cooper has said his favorite National League team is the Diamondbacks which makes him, by default, the team’s most famous fan.

Atlanta Braves — Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter is known for his Georgia roots and that includes his love for the Braves. Going back as far as the early 1970s, when he was governor of the state, you can find photos of Carter hanging out around the team, including with legendary slugger Hank Aaron. Since his time in the Oval Office ended, Carter and the former first lady, Rosalynn, have been regulars at Braves home games. In 2015, fans at a game went crazy when the beloved couple were caught on the “Kiss Cam.”

Baltimore Orioles — Pat Sajak

Before Baltimore’s Camden Yards opened in 1992, Pat Sajak was at the construction grounds, wearing a hard hat and hanging out with the crew. The “Wheel of Fortune” host has been an Orioles fan for decades and has a great memory for many of the best (and worst) games he’s seen at Camden Yards. Sajak has even been known to attend Orioles spring training games, which is the mark of a true baseball nerd.

Boston Red Sox — Stephen King

New England native Stephen King has inspired many nightmares over the years, much like his beloved Boston Red Sox did for decades. When the team finally snapped an 86-year World Series drought in 2004, King wrote maybe his most uplifting book, “Faithful,” a detailed look at his thoughts while following the team during that memorable season. He’s been a regular at Red Sox games for years and also eluded to his fandom in his 1999 novel, “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon,” which involved the titular former pitcher.

Chicago Cubs — Bill Murray

There might be no fan in baseball as linked to his team as Bill Murray is with the Cubs. The Illinois native has repped the North Side team for decades, showing up at Wrigley Field and wearing blue gear often. One of his biggest moments of fandom came during the team’s historic 2016 season, when he crashed a White House press briefing wearing Cubs gear and talking up the team to reporters. When the team won its long-awaited World Series a couple weeks later, Murray was right there on the field, celebrating with the players, executives and fellow famous fan, Eddie Vedder.

Chicago White Sox — Barack Obama

While Bill Murray has long repped the Cubs, President Barack Obama has always shown up for Chicago’s less trendy franchise, the White Sox. When the team was honored at the White House in 2006 for winning the World Series the previous fall, Obama was at the ceremony despite being just an Illinois senator at that point. In 2008, he pulled the ultimate White Sox fan move by ripping Cubs fans as “not serious” about baseball, saying people don’t really watch the game when they go to Wrigley Field.

Cincinnati Reds — David Letterman

When late-night TV legend David Letterman retired from “The Late Show” in 2015, one of the first places he was seen making a public appearance was Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park, where he took in a game. The native of Indiana — a state that doesn’t have its own MLB franchise but borders Ohio — has long been a Reds fan. He’s told stories about being starstruck by Reds star Joey Votto and has recounted his own experiences going to games at the team’s former homes, Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium.

Cleveland Indians — Drew Carey

Northern Ohio’s MLB franchise counts another funny guy as its most notable backer. Cleveland native Drew Carey has long been an Indians fan and has never made his love for his hometown a secret. Carey’s sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show,” was set in Cleveland and used the song, “Cleveland Rocks” as its opening theme. Since then, that song has come to be used after Indians wins at Progressive Field. When the city hosted the 2019 MLB All-Star Game festivities, Carey proudly wore Indians gear while playing in the annual celebrity softball game.

Colorado Rockies — Kent Rominger

OK, the Colorado Rockies need more celebrity fans. This was a tough franchise to find a famous fan of but former NASA astronaut Kent Rominger gets our nod. The Colorado native might not have starred in any movies or recorded any hit songs but he’s been to space several times and that pretty much gives him rock-star status. Since he’s the only mildly famous person we have actual evidence of having attended a Rockies home game, we have to give Rominger the crown.

Detroit Tigers — Tom Selleck

Anyone who watched Tom Selleck’s version of “Magnum, P.I.” likely will always connect the actor with the Detroit Tigers. An old Tigers cap was a signature part of his costume on the show and it came from a real place, as Selleck is a Detroit native and has always loved the team. In the early ’90s, he followed the Tigers during spring training while preparing for his role in “Mr. Baseball,” even taking an at-bat during an exhibition game against the Reds. At one point, he was even pranked by a Tigers player, which he took as the ultimate sign he belonged with the club.

Houston Astros — Kate Upton

You’d think that having a city as big as Houston — and a team that’s been so successful recently — the Astros would have plenty of born-and-bred celebrity fans, but it’s hard to find any. Model Kate Upton has been the franchise’s most visible supporter during its best seasons in the last few years, so we’re giving her the honor.

Upton is actually from Michigan and has been known to root for the Tigers but since her husband, pitcher Justin Verlander, joined the Astros in 2017, she’s been a fixture at the team’s games. In that time, she’s developed a genuine bond with the Astros fan base.

Kansas City Royals — Paul Rudd

If you follow Kansas City sports at all, you know Paul Rudd is a die-hard supporter. We ranked him as the biggest fan of the NFL’s Chiefs and we’re doing the same for MLB’s Royals. The actor has been very vocal about his hometown teams and visible at their games over the years, celebrating a championship for each franchise since 2015. After the Royals won the World Series that year, Rudd partied with the team in the locker room and invited fans to a keg party at his mom’s house in the area. That last part was apparently a joke but Royals fans still showed up!

Los Angeles Angels — Will Ferrell

In 2015, Will Ferrell suited up during MLB spring training and played all nine positions for 10 different teams during the course of a single day. One of the squads he joined was the Los Angeles Angels, which is the team he rooted for when he was a kid growing up in Southern California. When he took the field for the team, he replaced the legendary Mike Trout in center field, which probably wasn’t a move his inner Angels fan would support.

Los Angeles Dodgers — Mary Hart

It doesn’t get much more die-hard than Mary Hart. The former “Entertainment Tonight” host has been a regular at Dodgers games since 1979, when she moved to Los Angeles. She’s been a season ticket holder at Dodger Stadium for years, even when the team was awful, and has been spotted behind home plate many times during the franchise’s recent playoff seasons. During the 2018 World Series between the Dodgers and Red Sox, her fandom went viral when she was caught on camera mimicking a Boston pitcher’s unusual mannerisms on the mound.

Miami Marlins — Josh Gad

It’s unclear if Josh Gad is still a Marlins fan but he was for a long time, until management disappointed him. In 2017, the “Frozen” star publicly declared that he was no longer supporting the franchise because of controversial moves made by their new ownership group, which included ditching virtually all the best players in order to save money. By making a statement like that, Gad, a South Florida native, only proved himself to be even more of a legitimate baseball fan.

Milwaukee Brewers — Kato Kaelin

Did you know Kato Kaelin was from Milwaukee? Well, if you follow him on Twitter during baseball season, you could have no doubt about it. The former reality TV star and memorable witness from the 1994 O.J. Simpson trial is a rabid Brewers fan who frequently tweets his opinions on the franchise, no matter how inane they may be. While his comments have typically been pretty harsh — which many Brewers fans can understand — the tone shifted dramatically in the past couple seasons, when the team has been one of the best in the league.

Minnesota Twins — Nick Swardson

Famous Minnesotans are hard to come by but Nick Swardson is regularly seen rocking gear from two of his hometown teams: the Twins and the NFL’s Vikings. The comedian has commented on the Twins many times in public and has been spotted at plenty of games, whether in Minneapolis or on the road. If you follow Swardson on Instagram, you’ll see him post pictures and videos from games, including in 2018, when he happened to be filming when a historic home run was hit, leading to an expletive-laden reaction.

New York Mets — Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Chris Rock is known as a huge Mets fan but we’ve got to give the nod to his friend, Jerry Seinfeld, as the franchise’s most visible supporter. The comic showed his love of the Mets plenty in episodes of his classic sitcom, “Seinfeld,” while often making the Yankees look silly in various storylines. Seinfeld has been a regular presence at Mets games for decades but has said he has absolutely no interest in buying a stake in the team.

“The highest level of sports appreciation, particularly baseball, is a hot dog, a beer and a seat,” Seinfeld said of his common fan status in 2020.

New York Yankees — Jay-Z

When Jay-Z boldly stated, “I made a Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can,” nobody could really disagree with him. The rapper and New York native has been wearing the Yankee logo on his head for decades, whether in music videos, on the street or at games. Hova even performed at the team’s World Series victory parade in 2009. His business interests interfered with his fandom, however, when his sports agency firm helped orchestrate a deal that would lead client Robinson Canó away from the Yankees and to the Mariners.

Oakland Athletics — Tom Hanks

Arguably the most beloved actor in modern Hollywood, Tom Hanks has deep roots in Oakland. He grew up there and counts himself among the faithful of the Athletics and the Raiders — well, at least until that latter team moved to Las Vegas. When he was a teenager, Hanks worked as a vendor at A’s games, selling peanuts and soda. The experience wasn’t all great, however, with the Oscar winner saying he was robbed twice while doing the job!

Philadelphia Phillies — Tina Fey

Before she was considered one of the funniest people in TV history, Tina Fey had the dream of being a ball girl for the Phillies. She never achieved that dream, but she did once pose for a picture with the Phillie Phanatic, which is definitely something to be proud of. The native of nearby Upper Darby, Pennsylvania traces her fandom back to childhood, when she’d go to games at Veterans Stadium with her father. When the Phillies met the Yankees in the 2008 World Series, Fey stuck with her roots and proudly cheered for them over the franchise from her adopted hometown, further proving her fandom.

Pittsburgh Pirates — Michael Keaton

He’s been working in Hollywood for a long time, but Michael Keaton is about as Pittsburgh as it gets. His fandom of the city’s sports teams, including the Pirates, is well-documented. In 2013, he even wrote a series of short pieces for ESPN.com giving his reactions during the team’s first winning season in 20 years. Like other fans on this list, Keaton has also made no secret of his frustrations with bad ownership decisions, like when he ripped the organization for not paying enough to field a competitive team in 2006.

San Diego Padres — Phil Mickelson

As we showed in our list of the biggest celebrity NBA fans, buying an ownership stake in a team can be the ultimate sign of fandom. Phil Mickelson considered doing that in 2012, when he was rumored to be part of a group buying the Padres, but he ultimately didn’t. Still, the San Diego resident and champion golfer has remained a fan of the team despite not having a seat in the owners’ box.

San Francisco Giants — Metallica

The guys in Metallica have deep roots in San Francisco and they’ve shown up for their hometown club many times over the years. The band has made a habit of performing the national anthem before Giants games in recent years and it’s tough to imagine a more awesome way to open a baseball game than that! The franchise has deeply embraced the heavy metal icons, holding “Metallica Night” as an annual promotion at Oracle Park for the better part of a decade. The Giants also count Tony Bennett and Rob Schneider as famous fans but it’s tough to top Metallica.

Seattle Mariners — Macklemore

Being from a city as influential as Seattle, you’d think there would be a lot of famous Mariners fans but they are hard to identify. Thankfully, Macklemore has made no secret of his love for the team. The rapper, who is from Seattle, endeared himself to Mariners fans before he was world-famous by recording a track called “My Oh My,” which paid tribute to the team’s legendary broadcaster, Dave Niehaus. The song was loaded with references that Seattle baseball fans would get and the Grammy winner even wore a Mariners jersey in the music video.

St. Louis Cardinals — Jon Hamm

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm is a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the NHL’s St. Louis Blues. He’s a proud native of that city and has been a regular presence at both games for both franchises in recent years. One of his proudest moments of Cardinals fandom came during a game that didn’t even involve his team. At the 2016 World Series, he was spotted in the crowd at Wrigley Field wearing Cards gear while the rival Cubs played for a title. In 2014, the team even honored Hamm with a bobblehead in his likeness, which they gave away to fans during a promotion.

Tampa Bay Rays — Dick Vitale

Bless Dick Vitale. If it weren’t for the beloved ESPN college basketball analyst, finding a celebrity fan of the Tampa Bay Rays would be nigh impossible. Vitale is a Rays season ticket holder and he brings the same level of passion and enthusiasm to his baseball fandom as he does to breaking down a great jump shot. In 2017, he ripped the team’s ownership for getting rid of several star players, saying of fellow season ticket holders, “We pay major league prices, yet they’re going to give us Triple-A baseball.”

But he stuck with them and when the team had a stellar season in 2018, Vitale admitted he was wrong to overreact.

Texas Rangers — George W. Bush

While his father famously rooted for the Houston Astros, President George W. Bush has long been a Texas Rangers fan. Even more than a fan, Bush had an ownership stake in the franchise in the 1980s and ’90s, which coincided with his time as governor of Texas. Since selling his stake and moving into the White House in 2000, Bush has always remained a Rangers supporter, continuing to appear at games alongside former first lady Laura.

Toronto Blue Jays — Geddy Lee

The members of Rush are practically royalty in Canada and Geddy Lee often holds court at Rogers Centre. The rocker has been spotted behind home plate at Blue Jays games many times over the years, even keeping score, which is perhaps the ultimate sign of being a baseball nut.

He’s also gone on the record with his analysis of the team, telling Rolling Stone in 2014 that he wanted to see them shore up their pitching staff. The team has recognized their famous fan plenty, regularly playing Rush songs at the stadium during games and even having Lee throw out the first pitch on opening day.

Washington Nationals — Bill Nye

Over the years, Bill Nye has been seen rooting for the Dodgers and Mariners, depending on where he was living, but his heart has always been in the capital. The Washington native grew up rooting for the Senators but when that team left in 1971, causing the city to have no MLB team until the Nationals came in 2005, Nye had to root for other teams temporarily. “The Science Guy” has been a regular at Nats games since the team started, even wearing their colors during the celebrity softball event before the 2018 MLB All-Star Game.