Miley Cyrus Helps ‘The Voice’ Contestant Find Housing After Cancer Battle

Miley Cyrus is known for her powerful voice and her equally powerful opinions, but one thing that many people do not realize about her is that she’s also a passionate philanthropist. In 2014, she founded The Happy Hippie Foundation in order to help combat homelessness, particularly among LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.

She’s not just the face and brains behind this important organization, Cyrus also puts her money where her mouth is. When the 25-year-old musician found out that a contestant from her team on NBC’s “The Voice” was facing homelessness, Cyrus sprung into action.

Janice Freeman appeared on season 13 of “The Voice,” where she was part of Team Miley. Unfortunately, Freeman was eventually eliminated from the show. As fans of “The Voice” who remember her know, Freeman has not had an easy road in life. Not only was she just 21 years old when her daughter Hannah was born, but when Hannah was just 4 years old, the girl’s father died of cancer.

Then, Freeman herself was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Although she survived her diagnosis, her financial state has been precarious, particularly after losing “The Voice.” But, just when she thought her family could be homeless, her old friend Miley Cyrus stepped up to help.

Freeman shared the story in this emotional video:

And she later shared more about Cyrus’s awesome generosity on her Twitter account:

As Freeman explained, Cyrus not only helped place she and her family into housing, but she also covered the deposit and paid for six months of rent, giving Freeman a chance to get on her feet. As you can imagine, Freeman was beyond grateful and touched by the singer’s selflessness. As she explained in this Instagram post, she considers their bond to be sacred and Cyrus to truly be her hero.

Way to be an awesome example for other celebs, Miley!

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