When This Man’s Dog Went Missing After A Car Crash, Strangers Turned Out To Help

The man got into a wreck near Las Vegas on his way home to Idaho.

A recent journey through Nevada turned sour quickly for one Idaho man, as the car he was driving through the Las Vegas area was T-boned. While the driver, Jammer Haggard, was OK, his fiancee’s collarbone was broken, and his beloved dog—who’d been ejected from the car upon impact—was missing.

Haggard said he saw the dog run toward a golf course following the crash, telling KTNV that the dog “was gone before I even stopped spinning.”

The dog, Achilles, is a 7-year-old pitbull who Haggard says helps ease his stress and anxiety. Achilles is extra special, too, as he was a gift from the Idaho resident’s mom, whom Haggard lost when he was 19.

Dozens of residents in the community where the crash took place stepped up to help after one resident posted on a community app that Achilles was missing. One resident, Susan Byrd, drove Haggard around the area while he whistled for his dog. Haggard was even loaned a golf cart to help with his search.

Finally, three days after the crash, on March 23, Haggard found Achilles on the sixth hole of the golf course. The search party and a grateful Haggard gathered that evening, and Haggard thanked everyone for their efforts.

Amazingly, the kindness of the community didn’t stop there. The owner of the golf course offered to pay for Haggard and Achilles’ journey home to Idaho.

As Byrd told KTNV, the “silver lining” of the situation was that she’d met more neighbors in a couple days than she had in a year and a half. And for Haggard, despite a frightening accident, his fiancee’s injuries and a lost dog, his silver lining was surely experiencing the outpouring of kindness from strangers.

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