Meet The Man Who Travels The World Taking Selfies With Exotic Animals

There's an adventurous Irish fellow named Allan Dixon. He works in the tourism industry and gets to travel the world. And what does he do when he visits the far-flung corners of the Earth? He takes selfies with the cutest animals on the planet, of course. Here's Dixon with a quokka, which is a cat-sized marsupial that's found on some islands off the coast of Australia.

"There's something magical about animals that you can't define. They can't talk to us, yet we accept their presence. They bring us so much joy and relief stress, yet people are distancing themselves from nature every day," Dixon says in a Daily Mail article. "I feel a great joy in their presence, so much that I want to share this feeling with my friends, trying to capture photos that highlight how happy animals are along with the feelings they bring."

As one Bored Panda writer put it, Dixon is sort of like a real-life "Dr. Dolittle" because of his incredible way with animals.

It can take a few minutes or a few hours to gain the animal's trust, depending on the species Dixon is attempting to photograph.

Dixon told Bored Panda that he has to work to gain the animal's trust by staying calm and relaxed.

Check out Dixon's Instagram for more adorable selfies with animals.