This Man Gave His Wife The Most Meaningful 20th Anniversary Gift

Most men give their wives some flowers, chocolate or maybe even a piece of jewelry on their wedding anniversary. But one man went above and beyond typical gift-giving standards and gave his wife something much more personal and meaningful: his kidney.

Scott Chafian's wife, Cindy, has a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease, which causes cysts to grow on her kidneys, reports Because of this, her kidneys grow abnormally large, damaging the tissue and causing other complications. Although she was diagnosed when she was 22, Cindy did not have problems with her kidney function until she turned 38. Other members of her family previously had successful transplants, so by the time she turned 40, Cindy was placed on the transplant list and prepped for dialysis.

The couple had discussed the possibility of Scott donating a kidney to Cindy, and he tested positively as a match in 2013. Cindy wasn't ready to ask such a huge favor of her husband, but Scott insisted. After watching her go through the pain of dialysis and an invasive procedure on her one remaining kidney, Scott finally convinced Cindy to accept his generous gift.

The transplant took place two days before the couple's 20th anniversary, and although Cindy imagined they'd have a big party to mark the occasion, she didn't think anything could top this gift. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and the kidney began working for Cindy. The two are still recovering from their operations, but so far, everything has been good. The couple is especially hopeful that they will continue a happy and healthy life together. After their own experience, they're also hoping to spread awareness about living organ donation.

“If you're a person waiting for a transplant, let people know," Cindy said to "You'd be surprised who is willing to do amazing things for you. And if you are someone who could be a donor, you never know whose life you could save.”