A Man And His Dog Are Reunited After An Incredible 6 Years Apart

The notion that dog is man's best friend certainly holds true for one Las Vegas man and his dog, Turbo.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Ray McCullogh was recently reunited with his furry friend after six (yes, six) long years of being apart.

McCullogh recalls the day he got Turbo, an Italian Greyhound, in 2008, shortly after leaving the Marines. According to KTNV, McCullogh had a rather interesting first interaction with Turbo.

"When I first met him I was like that is a really cool dog, and then he pooped right next to me," McCullogh recalled. "I was like 'if I have to clean up your poop I might as well take you home.'" From that moment, they were best pals.

McCullogh was separated from Turbo a couple years later when his girlfriend at the time sold Turbo while he was at work. McCullogh was absolutely devastated, and despite his best efforts, he was never able to find his canine companion.

McCullogh finds it difficult to talk about the separation. "I was really lost. I was trying to deal with something I didn't even know I had at the time. The whole PTSD thing. But it hurt. It was like a little piece of of your soul was gone," McCullogh told KTNV.

McCullogh tried to move on with his life and later met his wife, Rhonda. The two of them moved to Las Vegas to start their life together, but the thought of Turbo never left his mind.

Then a miracle happened: McCullogh recently received a phone call from a veterinarian's office in Michigan saying they had found Turbo. Apparently the dog's microchip had never been changed.

McCullogh and his wife flew to Michigan to get Turbo and bring him back to Las Vegas, where the three of them are now living happily ever after.

"I love him. He is just my dude," McCullogh said.

Thank you, Ray and Turbo, for reminding us that every second with our pets is valuable and precious.