This Man And His Dog Are Basically Twins

Have you ever noticed how some dogs look like their humans? Or vice versa, for that matter. Consider then, if you will, the case of a fellow named Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg. They're almost twins.

Brophy refers to Rosenberg as his son.

"Becoming a dad was the best decision I have ever made. On top of being my son, Rosenberg is also my best friend," Brophy said to People magazine. "By continually putting Rosenberg's needs before my own, I am more self-aware and constantly focused on making other people happy. Having a son, I now feel a connection to every living being in the world."

Not only do they look alike, they seem to act alike as well.

"Our personalities are actually more alike than the way we look," Brophy said. "Both of us love to play and are pranksters. We're also both very affectionate, athletic, detail-oriented, introspective and can be a little moody when we haven't eaten."

Brophy told People that he and Rosenberg like to dress up as different characters in order to celebrate diversity in cultures, religions, orientations and professions.

"We have a profound respect for everyone and consider ourselves citizens of the world," he said. "We also want to unite people together, so by playing these different characters, we aim to break down barriers and illustrate through metaphor that we're all really the same."

Sounds like a noble pursuit, if you ask us.

Brophy and Rosenberg clearly like to cook, too. Take a look at the hilarious video below.