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Lowe’s Staff Raises Funds For Coworker In Need Of A New Wheelchair

When this Lowe's employee needed a new wheelchair, his coworkers stepped in to make it happen.

Chris Veseth is a pleasant fellow—just watch the video below and you’ll see.

Veseth has worked for Lowe’s for 17 years. In this day and age of people bopping from job to job, that’s an eternity. Veseth is a greeter at Lowe’s in York, offering shoppers a hearty hello when they arrive.


Veseth was born with cerebral palsy, but he hasn’t let that stop him. What was slowing him down, though, was a wheelchair in disrepair. He couldn’t afford the cost of getting a new one, so he was using tape to hold it together.


His Lowe’s co-workers noticed this and started a fundraising campaign, and in under a week they had more than tripled their $8,000 goal. (You can still donate to the campaign, if you are so inclined.)

USA Today says the extra funds will be used to fly the 38-year-old to California to be fitted for his new custom chair, and for it to be shipped back to his Pennsylvania home. After that, the remainder will go to his diabetic sister who also has CP.