This Air Force Veteran And Lowe’s Employee Has A Very Special Helper On The Job

A Lowe's store in Abilene, Texas, has just given us another reason to love the home improvement chain. They recently hired an injured veteran and his service dog.

Clay Muthy, the Air Force veteran Lowe's hired, had suffered an injury that left him with a slew of surgeries and a left leg that didn't quite work the way it used to. So, his service dog Charlotte is with him 24/7  in case Muthy falls. The 10-year-old pooch is trained to get him upright again.

After the Air Force, Muthy was looking for an employer that would accommodate his unique situation.

“I was trying to figure out where I could go that would be a good fit and it wouldn't mind having Charlotte, and my wife said I was at Lowe's so much anyway, I might as well get a job there,” Muthy explained to Fox affiliate KIDY in Texas.

To Muthy's surprise, after only two months, Charlotte has become more than just a service dog, she is now a much-loved member of the Lowe's team too. According to the Abilene Reporter-News, Charlotte can often be found lounging in an aisle getting love from children and adults alike. "Everybody loves Charlotte. This definitely was not part of the job description," he told the paper.

One fan even took to Facebook to show support for Lowe's, veterans and of course the adorable Charlotte. "I love Abilene Lowes, way to go! This is a disabled vet who struggled to get a job because he needs his service dog! Lowes hired them BOTH!!" the post said. That post has since received a lot of love too, getting nearly 200K shares.

Muthy and Charlotte aren't the only man/service dog team to find a job at Lowe's. In June, a Canadian Lowe's store hired a man named Owen and his dog, Blue.