Little Girl Uses Google Translate To Invite A Classmate To Sit With Her At Lunch

True friendship knows no bounds. Distance, time or even a language barrier can't stop a relationship this powerful from forming. Huffington Post reports that two elementary school children didn't let a little thing like speaking different languages keep them from becoming friends.

According to CBS News, Amanda Moore used Google Translate to ask Rafael Anaya to sit with her at lunch. Apparently, she had tried to talk to him one day when she saw him sitting alone, but found that the little boy didn't speak much English. So, she was going to have to try a little harder to make him a lunch buddy, but she was up for the challenge.

Amanda used Google Translate to write a letter in Spanish and asked her mom to proofread it. Her mom then posted a video of Amanda reading the note aloud to the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Her translation may not have been exact, but it definitely got the message across. It read, “Would you like to sit with me today? Look for me and I will show you where I sit. We can color or simply tell scary stories. Thank you for your time, signed Amanda.”

Cue the “awwws!” May these two become BFFs!

According to KABC Los Angeles, there's been an outpour of support and gratitude for what Amanda did for Rafael.

“I think it's just touched so many people on so many levels," Amanda's mother, Kimber Kinard, told the publication. "I've personally received 1,600 personal Facebook messages from people all across the world just saying ‘gracias,' and it doesn't take a translator to know what that means."

The news outlet also reports that Rafael said the letter made him feel very happy. And he wants Amanda to be his friend. Now, it just doesn't get any sweeter than that.

[h/t: Huffington Post]