Little Girl Gets A Ship To Blow Its Horn, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

You go, girl!

It’s always nice to feel like you’ve been rewarded for your efforts. And that’s exactly how this little girl felt (along with a little bit of fear) when her efforts to get a ship to blow its horn finally paid off.

Reddit user Tobias Hansson posted this video showing a little girl is standing on a dock trying to get a passing ship to sound its horn. She’s yelling “toot, toot” and using her arm to gesture to the ship.

She’s relentless, but it doesn’t seem that her work is going to pay off. Then, at the last minute, the ship blows its horn four times. It’s extremely loud and the little girl wiggles and runs off screen.

It may have been a little louder than she expected. Still, I’m sure once she recovered from the scare, it made her day!

In the comments section of the post one truck driver wrote, “I’m a truck driver with no air horn. The look of disappointment I receive from children every day is to [sic] much to handle. I just honk my regular horn and they just look at me with disgust.”

The first response was, “WE NEED TO GET THIS MAN AN AIRHORN PEOPLE.” Another person responded, “this is a worthy cause. PM me so we can figure out how to coordinate this. Maybe start a go fund me? I’m happy to match any donations until we can buy the one from Amazon. I’m not made of money but let’s make someone’s day!”

Then, they found one on Amazon for only $180. Hopefully now this truck driver can blow his horn at kids when they beg for him to! And to think, it’s all because of the little girl and the ship.

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Just look at what a little determination can do! You go, girl!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]