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Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

There are ways to save money at the airport, on road trips, and even when working on your home or garden. But when it comes to your general lifestyle, what life hacks might work for you? Well, here are a few life hacks that will make anyone’s life simpler.

Eat Fiber Every Day

To put it simply and bluntly, fiber helps you empty out your bowels more easily. The average person should be eating 0.8 to 1.4 ounces of fiber every day. However, most people eat only half that amount. There are plenty of good sources of fiber out there, so just find one that you like and eat it. Some options include hummus, artichoke hearts, and even berry smoothies (with chia seeds). This not only improves your bowel health, but also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Choose Brown Bread Instead Of White

Speaking of fiber, if you’re more of a fan of white bread, perhaps you should consider switching to brown. Whole wheat bread is actually a better source of fiber and general nutrition. Not to mention, it’s got far more flavor. If you’re not into the change initially, try to ease you way into it by using it for French toast and grilled cheese.

Eat At Home More Often

There are plenty of people that already avoid going out, but it’s also best to avoid ordering food in as well. Cooking your own meals not only will save you money, but it’s also a healthier alternative. Not to mention, if you make too much, you’ll have plenty of leftovers for the next day.

Start Your Day With Lemon Water

Don’t spend extra money on something as ridiculous as detox waters. Those are just scams anyway. The only detox fluid you need is just regular water. Well, regular water with a bit of lemon added in. Slice a whole lemon and soak a few pieces in lukewarm water for half an hour to prepare it. Lemon water helps with with hydration and digestion, plus there’s no artificial sugar inside.

Add Protein To Each Meal

Trying to stay physically fit won’t do you much good if you’re not eating healthy as well. Carbs are good for energy, but protein helps stabilize your blood pressure. Eating chicken, fish, and lean meat at every meal will help out immensely. And if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of nuts with good protein content as well.

Eat Or Drink Something Fermented

Fermented foods may not sound particularly delectable, but it depends on the food really. There are some cheeses, pickles, and other foods that are quite delicious and are easy to digest. They’re a good source of lactic acid bacteria that helps restore ones digestive system. Although, not all pickles meet this criteria. Only lacto-fermented cucumbers have this benefit.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is what people get from just being outside. And its known to produce the “happiness hormone” serotonin. However, around 70 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough of it nowadays. If you don’t have time for a daily walk, get some Vitamin D supplements. They’ll have you feeling better in no time. Not to mention, they’ll help strengthen your bones.

Drink Green Tea Instead Of Coffee First Thing In The Morning

Millions of Americans say that they “can’t function without their coffee”, or some variation of that. But most people that consume it regularly suffer from a caffeine crash before the morning is over. Instead of coffee, try starting the day with a spot of green tea. It’ll definitely help prevent those mid-morning crashes, as tea contains far less caffeine than a cup of joe.

Control Portions With Smaller Plates

Overeating isn’t a particularly pleasant experience. A simple and easy way to avoid this is to just start using smaller plates. This gives you smaller portions that will prevent you from overeating. And if you still have a ton of leftovers, that’s just more food for you to save and eat at a later time.

Roast Your Vegetables

If you’ve never had roasted vegetables, you should, they’re delicious. And they’re a part of a well-balanced meal. More and more diets are becoming reliant on vegetables anyway, so why not spice up your meal a little. Boiling or steaming vegetables causes them to lose flavor and vitamins, but roasting them keeps all of that goodness intact. If you still find them a little too bland, just add a little bit of natural seasoning and fresh herbs.

Keep Prepared Fruits And Vegetables In The Fridge

You may often see precut fruits and vegetables in the produce isle at the grocery store. You don’t necessarily have to buy those (they’re more expensive anyway), but they certainly have the right idea. Preparing your food before you plan to eat it saves you time and energy down the line, and gives you a healthier option for snack food.

Don’t Chew Gum

Have you ever been really hungry after chewing gum. That might be a sign that you should stop chewing gum. In the last 150 years, people have used it as a vice to break certain habits, such as chewing tobacco, or even an appetite suppressant. Well, it doesn’t really work for the latter case. The act of chewing gum sends messages to your body that food is coming. Not only will this increase your hunger pains, but it also wastes energy as your stomach prepares to digest something that’s never coming.

Drink Water Instead Of Soda

In some countries, a bottle of water is cheaper than a bottle of soda. Fortunately, that’s not the case in America. Soda may have more flavor, but it’s certainly not better for your body. Soda has far more sugar, caffeine, and calories than water does. Water accounts for 60 percent of the human body, so drink the healthier fluid instead when you have the option.

Always Have A Water Bottle With You

Speaking of water, it’s always a good idea to keep one around you, especially if you’re physically active. Having a water bottle, especially a reusable one, allows you to just take a few sips whenever you’re feeling thirsty. And if the bottle’s refillable, you can save money on buying packs of water bottles from the store.

Brush Your Teeth With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil actually has a wide variety of uses, including skincare, hair shining, and it can even be used as a deodorant. As it turns out, you can use it as a substitute for toothpaste as well. The foaming and flavoring that comes in regular toothpaste comes from chemicals and artificial sources. Coconut oil is natural, and while it doesn’t have the foaminess it can whiten your teeth and disinfect your mouth.

Switch To A Standing Desk

If you have bad knees or legs, this may not be the best thing for you. But if you have a bad back, definitely consider switching to a standing desk. An adjustable standing desk makes it far easier to keep your back straight and takes plenty of pressure off of it. It’ll set you back about $300, but you could end up spending more in medical bills to fix your spine.

Sleep For Seven Hours Each Night

The effects of not getting enough sleep don’t always immediately take hold, but they’ll show up soon. Increased stress and drowsiness are just the tip of the iceberg. Only sleeping a couple of hours may give you more “awake time” to do what you want, but it’ll be wasted if you’re not awake enough to do that anyway. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night is the ideal amount for awakening your body’s true potential.

Try A Free Workout

As important as eating and sleeping well is, it’s also important to stay active to your body in shape. You may not have the time to or money join a fitness class or hire a personal trainer, but if something free comes up, you should at least give it shot. Namely, there are online exercise classes done by the NHS and even simpler classes to find on YouTube. You might have to buy some of your own equipment, if that’s what’s needed, or maybe your local gym has something you can use instead.

Take The Stairs

How often do you take the elevator to go up from the first floor to the second floor? There are some scenarios where being expected to take the stairs is ludicrous, but always use them when you’re able. It’s a little bit of free exercise that will help with your mobility and cardiovascular health in the long term.

Start Jogging

Jogging and running is mostly just for physical activity. If that’s enough of a reason to start it for you, then go ahead and just do it. But if you need a little more incentive, then think about how often you look at the world around you outside. Going on jogs is the perfect time for you to develop a greater appreciation for the world around. And you’ll be getting in plenty of steps while doing it.

Walk To The Grocery Store

Going for a walk every day is a less-intensive way of improving one’s cardiovascular health. But you can add in a little bit more effort by walking to your grocery store, if it’s within that distance for you. You get to turn this regular part of your life into an opportunity to improve yourself. Just make sure you don’t buy too much stuff. You’ll still have to walk them back.

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping While Hungry

This one might not mix well with the previous item on this list, but it’s a good idea to only go to the grocery store when you’re not hungry. Being hungry while shopping can lead to impulse buying, and some of the food and drinks you buy may not be that healthy.

Take Cold Showers

A warm shower may feel nice, but they don’t provide much of a benefit. They’re actually more detrimental than anything. What’s more helpful is a cold shower. They improve circulation, speed up metabolism, and help you wake up if you’re showering first thing in the morning.

Keep On Good Footwear

Just keeping on good footwear is all you need to improve your lifestyle. Two million sick days are taken every year because of injuries sustained relating to sub-par footwear. Just make sure your shoes fit your foot properly and give proper support. This will help you maintain good mobility and overall foot health.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

How often do you wear clothing because it looks good, not because it’s comfortable. Well, you can look good and be comfortable at the same time. Comfortable clothes help your skin breath better and focus on more important things.