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This City Is Letting People Pay For Parking Tickets With Toys Instead Of Money

What if, instead of shelling out cash for a parking ticket, you had to pay for the ticket in toys? And those toy donations went straight to kids in need this holiday season? That'd take the sting out of paying a ticket, wouldn't it? At least a little bit?

The Las Vegas City Council just recently approved a pilot program called Toys for Tickets, as KTNV reports. This allows those with non-public-safety-related parking tickets to pay with toy donations for the upcoming holiday season.

Any parking ticket issued between Nov. 15 and Nov. 30 can be resolved if the offender buys a toy (or multiple toys) of equal or greater value than the ticket. The toy has to be new, nonviolent and unwrapped, and the offenders need to bring in their receipt for the toy(s) along with their parking ticket.

All toys will be donated to Safe Nest, a local nonprofit domestic violence shelter that houses more than 80 women and children. Anywhere between 20 to 30 children are at the Safe Nest at any given time, Hannah Brook, director of community and donor relations for Safe Nest, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Included with the tickets will be inserts letting people know about the program, which will go on between now and the end of the month, city Parking Manager Brandy Stanley said. The last day parking violators can bring in toys for the children is Dec. 15.

Not all parking violations will let the offender pay for a toy. Some of the excluded parking offenses include being parked in a handicapped zone, being double-parked or parked near a fire hydrant, blocking an alley or parking in a bike lane.

Who else is tempted to go get a parking ticket in Vegas just so we can buy toys for those in need?!

If you'd like to donate toys to your local domestic violence shelter, or if you'd like more information about domestic violence, check out