Watching This Kid Drive His DIY Zamboni Is Just Too Cute

If you have ever made your own skating rink, you know that the ice can be a little rough.

But no worries, you might just want to try out this DIY Zamboni, invented by one ambitious 9-year-old kid and his dad.

Jaxen starts the video with a simple list of tools you need for your own DIY Zamboni.

  • Small tricycle or bicycle
  • Bucket with holes in the bottom
  • Towel clamped on the bucket
  • Warm water

After you pour warm water into the bucket, you "ride off," according to Jaxen.

For the next two minutes, he shows you how to ride around the rink and wipe the ice clean. With his tight turns, it only takes two minutes to smooth over the small rink.

Not only does this DIY Zamboni give you smooth ice to skate on at home, it's a great way for kids to get exercise in the winter. Throughout the video, you can hear Jaxen's dad giving him words of encouragement like: "Keep pedaling, you've got this, keep going, I'll give you a push when you come around the turn."

What makes this story cooler is that Jaxen also has type 1 diabetes.

"If you didn't know me you wouldn't know I had [type 1 diabetes]," Jaxen said on his blog, which aims to help other kids who suffer from the disease. "I don't let it get in the way."

The message Jaxen said he wants to pass along is to stay positive.

"It can be tough to do sometimes," he said. "But you have to try!!!"

Keep up the good work, Jaxen!