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Ken Jeong Stopped His Comedy Set To Help An Audience Member Having A Seizure

Before Ken Jeong played a doctor on TV in ?Dr. Ken,? the actor and comedian was actually a physician in real life. The training from his former profession came in handy when he was performing at Stand Up Live in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 5.

Jeong noticed that a woman in the audience was having a seizure and he jumped off the stage to help his fan before paramedics arrived. Jeong stayed with the woman until she was taken to the hospital, at which point he resumed the show. What a stand-up guy (no pun intended)!

Heather Holmberg was at the show and was impressed by the comedian?s kind action. She took to Twitter to praise Jeong for his quick response:

?He?s a very funny man but you were able to see a side of him that?s very compassionate,?Holmberg told USA Today. ?You don?t often see that in comedians.?

Jeong earned his medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and worked as a general practice physician while pursuing comedy as a hobby to ?let off some steam.? Despite his obvious comedic chops, he says his patients saw him in a completely different light.

?I was so intense as a doctor, and I was always stressed out, patients were surprised I did stand-up comedy on the side,? Jeong told TV critics at an ABC press tour in 2015.

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After breakout roles in ?Knocked Up? and ?The Hangover,? Jeong decided to leave the medical profession to focus on entertainment full-time.

We?re so glad this multitalented funny man was there to save the day!

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