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Jealousy Captured At The Right Moment

Everybody gets jealous. People can’t help but want things that other people have. It’s a basis of human nature. However, sometimes that jealousy is a bit more noticeable than you may want it to be. And sometimes, that jealousy is hilariously captured. Here are some images of jealous people captured at just the right moment.

Popular With The Ladies

There’s no better way to get people attention than to bring a small, fluffy animal to a group of people. Looks like the guy in the back is wishing he had the same idea.

The Cat And The Hound

If you get a new pet, you may find that your older pet gets jealous of the new face. This goes double for if you own a dog and get a cat. They’re mortal enemies after all.

Single And Can’t Mingle

This is why single people don’t go out with their friends when they’re on a date. Nothing reminds you more about your status than third-wheeling on a date.

A Bit Too Helpful

There’s being a wingman and then there’s this. Considering how annoyed this guy looks holding up his friend so she can kiss her boyfriend, it makes you wonder why he agreed to do it in the first place.

The Dog Strikes Back

There’s third-wheeling people, then there’s third-wheeling dogs. Although, this dog seemed so jealous it actually tried to do something about it other than just looking peeved.


Older siblings often don’t look forward to the birth of their younger siblings. After all, the new babies start to take all the attention. The baby was just born and their parents are already holding them instead of their brother.

A Real Modern Family

They were co-stars on Modern Family before it’s conclusion, but Julia Bowen and Sofia Vergara are still friends. You couldn’t tell from looking at this picture. It seems as though Vergara has a few more “assets” than Bowen does. And Bowen sees that too.


Checking out cheerleaders is one thing. Checking out cheerleaders next to your girlfriend is another. And it’s pretty obvious how this guy’s girlfriend feels about his wandering eyes.

Not-So-Secret Admirer

Here we’ve got another incident of a famous person admiring one of their peers. In this case it’s Rihanna and Nikki Minaj. To add insult to injury, they’re also wearing similar types of clothing.

Rear Ending

You can really read it on this woman’s face. She didn’t expect to see this when she got on the bus that day. And now she’s thinking, “I wish my butt was that great”.

A Night To Remember

Not everyone likes taking pictures. But sometimes you just don’t like to be excluded. Someone managed to sneak into frame at the last second, and they’re not happy they don’t get to be in the forefront.

A Little Left Out

Looks like this group of girls started the party without their friend. You can’t quite see her face, but her standing ominously in the darkness says it all.

A Bit Of A Downer

Well, some people seem to be having fun at this party. Not everyone though. Whether or not the woman on the left is jealous of her two companions though isn’t rather clear. She could also just be having a terrible night.

“They Met At A Con”

You can find a lot of interesting cosplays at conventions. Including this neat one of April O’Neil from the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. Appears this guy thought it was cool too and went up to talk to her. And seemingly beat that guy in the background to the punch.

Second Place

You know there’s a statistic that says that people that get second place are less happy than people that get third. That’s really on display here. You don’t often have to stand next to your opposition as they get crowned the winner.

Second-Place Tennis Champ

Remember that second-place mention for the pageant? Well, that’s how Andy Murray felt when he lost the 2016 Australia Open to Novak Djokovic. And tennis is an incredibly competitive sport.

Oscar Night

Now, this was a while ago, but most people remember the period of time where Leonardo DiCaprio received tons of Oscar nominations but never a victory. Looking at his face at Oscar night, it’s pretty clear that that was starting to get to him.

Even A First Lady Can Get Jealous

Hopefully Former President Barack Obama didn’t turn around while he was was talking to this woman. His First Lady did not look pleased at how much they were enjoying the conversation.

Losing Motivation

You can ride bikes and exercise all you like. If you’re out of shape, nothing’s more demoralizing than seeing a physically fit person run by.

Just A Big Baby

The kid was just born and they’re already looking jealous. Clearly the baby wants to be kissed by their parents. Why would they want their parents to kiss each other instead of them!

Wanting Just One Bite

Sometimes you can’t afford desert. Or maybe it’s just not good for your diet. Well, this guy’s getting some cake and the woman in the background is wishing for a bite, herself.

I Scream For Ice Cream

This kid must really want some ice cream. And to add insult to injury, he just walked by a glass window with two girls eating ice cream by it. At least it’s easy to tell why he would be jealous.

A Difference In Size

Maybe it’s not the size of their ice pop in comparison to the ice cream cone but they’re just regretting their choice. Well, it does seem to be more ice cream.

Big Fish, Small Fish

Sometimes when you go out to fish, you just don’t catch anything. And that’s okay. But sometimes, you only catch a small fish and your partner catches the largest tuna you’ve ever seen. At that point, some mild envy is perfectly acceptable.

Under My Umbrella

Yes, this person has more of a body to cover up under her umbrella. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that part of her body pokes out underneath the umbrella in comparison to the couple. But her umbrella also seems smaller.