Interesting Life Hacks To Make Life Easier

Simple chores can get really tedious the more you do them and the longer they take. However, there are plenty of ways to make simple tasks even simpler. Here are some life hacks to just make life easier.

Vacuum Up Fruit Flies

These insects are truly a nuisance, and like other flies, they’re just fast enough to be hard to swat. You can put up flypaper and bug zappers, but those can only get you so far, and might even attract more. As it turns out, there’s likely an appliance in your home you can use to get rid of them. The suction of a hand vacuum isn’t easy to resist. And for something like a fly, their bodies will get sucked up immediately.

Get Rid Of Dents With Packing Tape

There’s a good chance you’ve got some of this in your home. And if you don’t, it’s certainly cheaper to use than taking your car in to a mechanic. Apply several layers of tape over the dent, in a cross shape. And then, when you’ve got everything the way you want it, peal the tape off as hard and as fast as you can. If you do it right, the dent should get pulled out by the force. This only works on smaller dents, but it’s still a novel way to get rid of them.

How To Make Sure Your Towel Never Falls Off

This one’s more so for men than women. It was discovered by TikToker Brayden Singley. In his video showing off this method, he performed numerous high movement tasks without his towel slipping off. It’s actually quite simple how to do this. After folding your towel in like normally, just fold over any excess parts of the towel. It’ll stay right in place. Check out the video here.

Stop Your Bed From Creaking

If you have a bed with wooden slats, it can become very annoying when every movement you make on your bed causes it to creak. It might even make it harder to sleep. That’s why you can just put cotton on the slats where the mattress touches. It’ll practically deafen the sound.

Wire Nuts Can Seal Chaulk Tubes

Chaulk tubes can be annoying to deal with and keep the materials inside fresh. However, if you have a wire nut on hand, you can simply cover the exit of the tube with one. The wire nut seals it tight.

Repair Your Flips Flops

If you’ve owned flip flops for a long enough period of time, you’re probably familiar with this little issue. Sometimes the strap on the flip flop just comes out and you’re left with a non-functional piece of footwear. However, you can easily make repairs to keep this from happening in the future. Try threading the broken flip flop strap back through the hole on the bottom of the shoe, then take the pull tab from a can of soda and thread the strap through its hole. The flip flop strap won’t come out anymore. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’ll make walking in the flip flops normal again until you can get replacements.

Storing Long Foods

Some foods can’t fit into a single ziplock bag, they’re just too long. However, there is a way to store these foods. Take two ziplock bags and turn one inside-out. Then just fasten the two bags together with the food inside. Works in a pinch if you don’t have any larger bags to use.

Keeping Your Masks Safe

It’s been a difficult time these last couple of years, but the need for masks is still prevalent. So, keeping good track of your masks and making sure their clean are also important. As it turns out, a pencil case is the perfect size for storing your extra masks.

Fake Pin

This one’s more of a precaution as opposed to a something more active, but it’ll save you money in the long run. Write a fake pin number on your credit card. If someone steals it and tries to use it, they’ll probably end up wasting several attempts, if not all of them, on the phony pin number.

Simplify Wikipedia

Even though technically anyone can edit a Wikipedia article, they can still be somewhat complicated and difficult to understand. This is especially true with the more scientific article. That’s why you should go to the languages option on a Wikipedia article and select “Simple English”. It’ll help those who didn’t study physics or biology better understand what they’re reading about.

Stopping Kitty Litter Spill

For cat owners, spilling some of your kitty litter on the floor or a table must be disgusting. That’s why you should do this neat, little trick. Cut a hole in the lid to a plastic bin. Then put that lid over the litter. It won’t make any issues for the cat and you won’t have to worry about any spill.

Put A Rubber Band On Your Doorknob

It can be difficult to ferry groceries or heavy objects back and forth through your door if it constantly latches shut. However, if you tie a rubber band around the doorknob on both sides of the door, you can place the rubber band over the latch. This prevents the door from latching closed and you can more easily get through the door if your hands aren’t free.

Easy Way To Pull Pork

If you’re making pulled pork, or some other kind of cooked meat you need to break up, there’s a very easy fix to this. Just use an eggbeater in whatever bowl the meat’s in. It should break right up.

Emergency Cup Holders

Sometimes when you’re driving by yourself or picking up coffee, you may not have enough space in your car’s cupholders. However, if you have a pair of VANS, you can use those instead. They have a perfect shape that allows them to snugly hold the drink. And they’re also heavy enough that only really strong swerves will cause the VANS to tip over.

Increase Stream Quality

While watching Netflix, if your stream quality suddenly drops, you can do this trick to bring it back to HD. Press Control + Alt Opt + Shift + S to modify buffering rate. Then just set the rate to 3000. You should be good to go at that point.

Unexpected Chalk

Chalk can be used to write on hard surfaces like the sidewalk or a blackboard. But, did you know you can use an altoid for the same thing? They work better on a smaller scale.

Extra Chewing

Sometimes, your stomach can take a while to settle after eating a big meal. You might want to eat more, but you just can’t. As it turns out, extra chewing is the answer to this dilemma. Keep chewing until your food is essentially a paste, then swallow. The state of the food will decrease digestion time, allowing you to eat more.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Hiccups are the worst, but this trick is a surefire way to get rid of them. Just eat a spoonful of granulated sugar. It should take care of your hiccups in no time at all.

Stop Your Chord From Falling

It’s a minor nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless. Sometimes, it just gets especially tedious bending over to pick up your chord if it’s not in use. If you have access to one, try threading your chord through a nerf dart and placing it back. It’ll be simpler to move the chord and you won’t have to worry about it falling again.

Keep Your Shampoo Secure

When traveling, keep your shampoo and other bathing fluids in a bag. It’s possible your shampoo bottle could burst and get all over your stuff if you don’t.

How To Avoid Strong Winds On The Highway

If you’re driving on the highway, it can be rather annoying to open your window. You’ll get blasted with a large amount of wind. And sometimes your air conditioning is broken, so that isn’t an option if you need to cool off. To avoid the strong winds, try cracking the passenger side window a few inches. It helps to more gently balance the air traveling through the car so the wind won’t be as intense.

Electronics In LEGOs

LEGOs actually make excellent housing units for small electronics. Depending on how you use them, you can make nice toys for both kids and adults.

Keep Your Zipper Up

If you have a broken zipper or it just keeps falling down, try looping a key ring through it. Then loop the key ring around your pant’s button. Your zipper will stay up no problem.

Intimidate Animals

Late at night, if you’re trying to sleep, there may be loud animals. Try making weird calls at the animals in return. It’s a form of dominance. You might manage to get the animals to stop.

Label Your Surge Protector

You don’t often need to unplug things from your surge protector when it comes to household appliances like a television. However, there will come a time when you do need to unplug them, and you may not know which chord leads where. An easy fix is to simply label which chord connects to what.

Saving Money On A Taxi Cab

If a taxi cab driver asks you if you’re from the area, always say yes. If they believe you’re unfamiliar with the area they might take a longer route to get you to your destination. That’ll drive up the price for the trip.