Incredible Teacher Donated A Kidney To Her 5-Year-Old Student

We already know that teachers are unsung heroes, each tirelessly day working to help our children learn and grow.

One teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, has taken her heroism to the next level. Five-year-old Lyla Carreyn is a student in Beth Battista's preschool class and was in need of a kidney. Battista learned last fall that she was a "match" for Carreyn, and she decided to donate the kidney that little Lyla so desperately needed.

Battista broke the news to Lyla's mom, Dena Carreyn, while secretly recording a video of the exchange. Lucky for us, we were able to cry happy tears right along with Carreyn as she learned that not only would her daughter be receiving a kidney, her daughter's lovely preschool teacher would be the one to donate it.

Dena Carreyn/Facebook

Carreyn posted the happy news along with the video on Facebook. The video shows her receiving a note from Battista that reads: "I may just be her teacher now, but soon a little piece of me will be with Lyla forever. I'm Lyla's kidney donor."

In her Facebook post about the reveal, Carreyn described how she learned the news from Battista:

Last Friday, I was called into Lyla's school, Kids Express Learning Center. I was told a new teacher was starting, and I needed to meet with her. You see, every time Lyla gets a new teacher, I have to train that person re: Lyla's medical conditions, medications, etc. It's a whole thing.

So I show up at the school, and Lyla's two current teachers are there, and they tell me the new teacher is on her way. And then they give me a present. And then this happened. (No, I had no idea I was being filmed.)

Many people think teachers are heroes. Beth Battista is more than our hero; she is our miracle.

Lyla suffers from Microscopic polyangiitis, which affects blood vessels and can cause significant organ damage. As WCPO reports, she was diagnosed with the disease in October 2015. Lyla spent three weeks in an induced coma during a two-month hospital stay, and her family spent a year looking for an organ donor before they found her match in Battista.

Lyla and her teacher underwent the transplant surgeries in February 2017 and are both doing well.

Updated March 2, 2017.