This Husband Built A 7-Foot-Tall Advent Calendar For His Wife

Shopping for holiday presents is never easy, especially when it comes to finding the perfect present for your partner. You want to choose something that is memorable, romantic and something that says: "You're awesome. Thanks for putting up with me all year long."

Finding a gift that says all that isn't easy, especially when your spouse simply does not need another scarf or pair of headphones. What's the solution? Don't buy a gift? make a gift! One husband decided he was going to do just that. But not just any gift. No, he decided to make the most epic DIY holiday present ever for his wife: a 7-foot-tall advent calendar!

Benjamin Anthony Hewins, who lives in London, says that his wife always surprises him with super-sweet and thoughtful gifts every year on Christmas. He wanted to show her the same love and attention, so this year he got a incredibly nutty but awesome idea: He wanted to build her a giant advent calendar!

Even though it was a bit chilly out, Hewins bundled up and got to work using his carpentry skills to create Christmas magic that you simply cannot find in stores.

He cut out "doors" from plywood that he then reattached with hinges (and little doorknobs) so that his wife could open them each day.

Clearly this is not Hewins' first foray into woodworking, as he was able to build and paint the advent calendar in just 2 days. Here's the platform he built to place the door-side of the advent calendar on top of.

He then added sides to create a box:

After attaching the doors, he used spray paint to free-hand some adorable penguins to the front.

Here he is adding some finishing touches.

The calendar has doors for her to open each day in December, revealing a gift inside.

Needless to say, his wife was pretty amazed by his thoughtful handiwork:

Here she is with the finished product.

Seriously. It is too adorable for words. This guy is giving husbands everywhere a run for their money!

You know what they say. Happy wife, happy life! Looks like it is working out for this family for sure. But how the heck is he going to top this next year?

Happy holidays, everyone!

h/t: Country Living