The Many Ways Meghan And Harry’s Baby Will Change The Royal Family Forever

There is no doubt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had some truly unforgettable moments over the last couple of years. After tying the knot, the royal couple wasted no time trying to build a family and in recent times, they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

However, after the impact the former “Suits” star has already had on the royal family and the British public, and everyone else, it is clear that baby Archie will, in many ways, change the face of the British royal family forever …

Well, That Was Unexpected

While many royal births have happened at St. Mary’s hospital, Meghan decided to do things differently. The Duchess of Sussex delivered her baby at The Portland, a private hospital in London where celebrities such as Victoria Beckham have given birth.

Thankfully, both Meghan and the newborn were healthy post-birth and Prince Harry announced the news to the world a few hours afterward.

Seventh In Line

Members of the Commonwealth will be excited to learn that Meghan’s baby is high up in line for the throne. Precisely, he is seventh in line, meaning that the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, goes down one place.

However, it appears that the baby will be named an Earl and is unlikely to ever become king.

History-Making Baby

Seeing that practically the entire royal line has been caucasian up until the present day, Meghan and Harry’s baby being mixed-race would be a truly significant moment in their history.

Although many members of the Commonwealth will be able to identify with baby Sussex, his parents hope that people will treat him like the rest of the royal family.

She’ll Do It Her Way

Many have noted how Meghan has done things her own way, despite marrying into one of the most famous families in the world. This also applies to the nature in which she gave birth to her baby.

Meghan decided to hire private doctors rather than the doctors who usually work with the royal family.

The Day Of The Birth

Despite being overdue by a week, Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby was officially born on May 6, 2019, and they were delighted to share the news with the world.

The Royal family confirmed the news on their Instagram account, writing the following: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex was safely delivered of a son at 0526hrs this morning. The baby weighs 7lbs 3oz.”

Happy Family

One thing is for sure: Meghan, Harry and everyone else in the family were delighted to know that the new arrival was fit and well.

The first time Harry emerged for the paparazzi, he had a huge smile on his face and it was clear that he was absolutely delighted by the arrival of his baby boy.

Keeping Traditions

In keeping with Royal traditions, Prince Louis attended the Trooping of the Colours, which was the little one’s first public royal event. This ceremony is in honor of the Queen’s Birthday.

While Meghan and Harry made an appearance, Archie did not. As he gets older, it’ll be more likely — and expected — for him to attend similar ceremonies in the future.

Queen Has The Final Say?

It is highly likely that Harry and Meghan’s baby will not be named Prince until his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, gives it the green light.

Regardless of what title the Queen ends up giving him, there is no denying that Meghan and Harry’s baby is already one of the most popular figures in the royal family.

Official Statement

As previously mentioned, the Royal Family made the news official by sharing the key information on their social media accounts, writing the following:

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Earl Spencer have been informed and are delighted with the news.”

Grandma Doria

Of course, Meghan’s baby has two families watching over him. While the royal family might be the better-known side, Meghan’s mother also wants to be a key figure in the baby’s life.

In fact, Buckingham Palace announced that Doria was with the couple around the time that the baby was born at their home in Frogmore Cottage.

A Very Popular Baby

There is no denying that Archie is attracting fans wherever he goes. Harry’s friend, Argentine polo player Nacho Figueras, can attest to that.

“Nacho met little Archie last week and said that the Duke couldn’t take his eyes off of him — nor his hands,” Sentebale Chairman Johnny Hornby told People. “The two of them are just in a state of sheer delight over this birth.”

Will He Run For President?

Seeing that baby Sussex’s mother is American, some have speculated that he might end up running for president one day. This would be history in the making.

Never has a member of the royal family run for office. If this is a possibility in Archie’s life, we will not know for sure for another 35 years.

His Title Is ‘Earl’

As previously mentioned, it’s unclear if Meghan’s baby will be given the title of Prince. Until then, he will be known as the Earl of Dumbarton.

This is because Harry also has the same title as it was given to him by the Queen after the wedding. Amazingly, the last time the title was used was in 1749.

What Shall We Call Him?

One of the biggest talking points surrounding the royal newborn is what he would end up being named. Many believed that he could have names such as Arthur, Spencer, James, or Alexander.

Royal-watchers were champing at the bit to know what it was.

Named After A Horse?

With so much speculation surrounding the newborn’s name, many read a little too deep into defining moments during the time to try and guess the name.

When Harry made the announcement, two horses were standing in the background. One was called George and the other Sir John. Seeing that Will and Kate already took George, many thought it would be John.

Welcome, Archie!

After so much intense speculation, the couple finally announced the name of their beautiful newborn on May 8. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was officially welcomed into the world.

Like many aspects of their lives, Meghan and Harry decided to go with less conventional option. But after all of the rumors and guessing by the public, why exactly did they choose the name Archie?

Why Did They Choose ‘Archie?’

Despite not being the most traditional royal name, Archie is certainly British. Some believe that Meghan chose the name in honor of a popular American comic book, while a more likely theory is that he’s named after Harry’s commander.

There is also a rumor that Meghan might have chosen to name her baby Archie after her friend’s cat, who passed away recently, but that seems like the unlikeliest theory out there!

Long List Of Great-Grandkids

While Archie has many firsts to his name, he is ultimately another addition to the Queen’s growing list of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, having eight and eight, respectively.

However, Queen Victoria had many more during her long reign. Seeing that she had nine children, the past monarch ended up having 42 grandkids and even more impressive, more than 80 great-grandkids. A staggering statistic!

Great Husband & Father

While some fathers struggle to make it to the birth of their child, Harry was right there by Meghan’s side when she gave birth to Archie. He described giving birth as “beyond comprehension.”

In order to keep the special moment between themselves for a good period of time, Harry made sure to prolong the announcement for at least a few hours.

Wild Rumors

Prior to Archie’s arrival, there were rumors floating around that Harry and Meghan were planning on raising Archie as gender fluid.

While it remains to be seen what their parenting style will be, it is clear that the couple will raise their child in a forward-thinking environment.

Doria Knew Before The Queen

It is a long-lasting tradition that the Queen is the first person to know about a royal baby’s birth. However, Archie’s birth was a first for Her Majesty. This time around, Meghan’s mom Doria knew before the Queen.

Seeing that Doria was also by Meghan’s side during the birth, she was no doubt overjoyed to welcome her first grandchild into the world.

Under No Pressure

What sets Archie apart from his royal cousins is that he probably has less pressure than they do in the long run. William and Kate’s kids are farther up in line to the throne and therefore greater expectation is thrown upon them.

As a result, Archie will probably grow up with fewer obligations than his cousins.

Not A Prince?

By the time Archie was born, Queen Elizabeth had already changed the rules about who receives the title of prince or not.

In 2012, the Queen declared that all children of the eldest child of the Prince of Wales — regardless of gender —  would have the title Prince or Princess, which is why all of William and Kate’s children carry this distinction.

Best Of Both Worlds

As previously mentioned, due to Archie’s position in the line of succession, he probably won’t have to carry the same sort of responsibilities of those above him. However, he still gets to be a royal.

You could even say that Archie has the best of both worlds: being the son of a British Prince and an American actress.

Big In The Media

One thing’s for sure, Archie will struggle to escape the clutches of the paparazzi throughout his life. Because of who his parents are, there are so many people watching his every move.

It seems like everyone from British historians and royal enthusiasts to pop culture aficionados and social media experts won’t be able to take their eyes away from Archie.

Mommy Meghan

There is no denying that Archie’s close attention in the media is the result of his celebrity mother: Meghan Markle. While Will and Kate also get plenty of love on the news, this takes things to another level.

Having a mother who is an American, mixed-race divorcee and former actress is plenty for the journalists to chew on.

Sharing The Same Beliefs

Every successful married couple needs to share some core, fundamental beliefs. While Meghan Markle has certainly brought a new set of values to the royal family, Harry seems to be on board.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth might have very different views on the matter, and that difference in opinion will surely have an impact on Archie’s life.

‘Duchess Difficult’

It was inevitable that Archie’s mother would suffer a fair amount of scrutiny upon marrying into the royal family. Many conservatives didn’t like the idea of an American marrying into the dynasty, and certain press outlets have dragged her through the mud.

However, it’s hopeful that Archie’s arrival might help to quiet down the negative attention, though that remains to be seen.

Royal & Modern

Many have suggested that Meghan’s inclusion into the royal family can only be a good thing, and that she’ll bring a much-needed modern twist to the dynasty, ushering them into the 21st Century.

Without a shadow of a doubt, baby Archie is the physical embodiment of this modern influence on the royal family.

Creating Their Own Traditions

Seeing that Harry and Meghan don’t necessarily have the same sort of pressures that Will and Kate do, they have the freedom to form their own path.

Now that Archie’s in the fold, the couple can raise him with a bit more freedom compared to his cousins and it will be intriguing to see what kind of person he grows into.

Can’t Escape The Royal Life

While it seems like Meghan would be tempted to withdraw from the royal lifestyle with time, it will be near impossible for her to completely separate herself from it and by proxy: Archie.

Harry still values his role in the royal family. Whether he likes it or not, the royal identity will always be a part of Archie.

Sisters In Law

When you are marrying into a family, especially one as unique as the royal family, it is likely that you’ll have to adapt in certain ways. For Meghan, it also meant adapting to British culture, which is one challenge Kate Middleton didn’t face when joining the family.

Archie may develop differently compared to Kate’s kids given his mother’s American background.

Born To Be Parents

One thing that we can all take away from Archie’s arrival is that Meghan and Harry seem most interested in giving him a safe and happy upbringing, holding this in higher regard than his royal role.

There is much to say about the couple’s determination to stand up for what they believe in, and it’s refreshing to see this within a family that is so often mired in tradition.