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Hotel Hacks To Enhance Your Stay

Hotels can range wildly in quality and accommodations. After all, that’s why they have stars. However, there are a few things you don’t know about hotels that you could use to enhance your stay in one all the more. Here are some hotel life hacks that will enhance your next stay. And perhaps you can even take some of this tips back home with you.

Charge Your Phone In The TV

Most televisions have a little plug on the side. Among other things, this outlet’s compatible with your phone. So, if you’re out of outlets, or forgot the plug for a normal wall outlet, this is an excellent alternative.

Get The Wrinkles Out Without An Iron

Sometimes your nicer clothes just get wrinkly. Maybe you wore them the night before and needed to clean them for another night. Whatever the reason, you may not have an iron to get rid of the wrinkles. However, there’s more than one way to get steam. Assuming you shower with hot water, just hang up your clothes in the bathroom. The steam will help with the wrinkles and you can get clean at the same time.

Soften Butter

The butter packets given out at hotels are known to be especially hard, as long as they’ve only been out of a fridge for a short period of time. In order to soften the butter, while heating up your toast, place the butter packets on or beside the toaster. That’ll soften right up and they’ll be ready to spread on your toast when its ready.

Put Your Luggage In The Bathtub

This seems like a bit of a weird one. But putting your luggage in the bathtub is actually helpful. It decreases the chances of pests getting into your bags, creating an extra layer of protection.

Book Your Trip Through The Hotel

While it may be simpler to book a trip through a travel agency, at least try going through the hotel itself. You may find exclusive discounts that aren’t available if you go through an agency.

Power Key

Some hotels require you to use your key card to keep the power on in your room. If you don’t want to have to constantly switch it on and off, even when you leave, just ask for an extra key card when you check in. Then you can just leave the extra card in the power slot.

Cooking In Your Room

If you’re hungry, but don’t want to order room service, there are a few things you can do in your room. First of all, you can use the coffee maker in your room to boil water. From there you can make a cup of instant noodles. If you bring a couple of portable appliances, you can increase your options.

Divide The Beds

If you have children and are working on a bit of a budget, the chance is that your children are going to have to share a bed. Chances are, the children will complain about hitting each other or being pushed off of the bed. The best way to avoid this is just to divide the bed. Each bed has a ton of pillows anyway, so you probably won’t need all of those. Otherwise, you could ask the front desk for some extra pillows and blankets.

Bring A Water Bottle

Especially if traveling by plane, it can be hard to travel with liquids. If you bring an empty water bottle though, you can help alleviate this issue. If you have a problem drinking water straight from the sink, then don’t worry. There will likely be a fitness center with a water cooler in it. You can get your water there.

Increasing Humidity

High humidity may be an issue most of the time, but when you spend most of your time in a climate-controlled room it can get pretty dry. This is an interesting trick to get the humidity up in your room. Just put a wet towel over the suitcase rack and put it in front of the radiator. The radiator should evaporate the water and get the room a little bit more humid without going overboard.

Keeping It Dark

It can get pretty annoying, the bright lights of the city peaking into your room while you’re trying to sleep. Maybe it’s just that the rising sun lighting up your room in the morning is way too bright and it wakes you up early or unexpectedly. In order to keep the bright light out, try getting your curtains as close to each other as possible, then keeping them clamped together using one of the hangers in the room.

Hook Up Streaming Services On The TV

Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean you can’t use your TV to use your favorite streaming services. The TV should still be compatible with your laptop and other accessories, so hooking it up should be no problem.

Phone Pocket

Some sheets come with phone pockets to put your device in at night. But most hotel beds lack this amenity. It’s even more egregious if the hotel room doesn’t have a nightstand. However, you can make a phone pocket using the sheets. They aren’t normally fitted like sheets at home, so it’ll be easy to fold the extra linen.

Refreshing The Air

Sometimes, a hotel room might smell a little gamey when you enter it for the first time. It’s a simple fix though. Take an air freshener from a car and put it on the air conditioning vent instead.

Cancelling Noise From Outside

The crack below your door may allow for some light and sound to seep into your room from the hallway. If it really bothers you, try smothering the sound using a towel by placing it underneath the crevice at the bottom of the door.

Ask For A Phone Charger

If you forget your phone charger at home, don’t fret. Just remember that people may have also forgotten their phone charger at your hotel. Ask at the front desk if they have any phone chargers for your phone model.

Making Your Own Mini-Fridge

Not every hotel comes with a mini fridge. And you don’t want to have to throw out your leftovers just because of that. Try filling your sink with ice. At the very least you can cool off any drinks. And you don’t have to worry about cleanup since the ice will just melt into the sink.

Order In Food

Room service can be expensive, and after a long day you can be too tired to just go back out for more food. Just order food in. Depending on the time and business, they can probably deliver it straight to your room.

Makeshift Diaper Station

If you’re on vacation with your baby, a proper changing station may be high demand. You can make do using the pullout desk in your hotel room. It’s easier than using the floor since it’s on your level and you don’t have to worry about getting the bed messy.

Making Your Own Air Conditioning

Most hotels in the present have air conditioning, but older buildings, especially those in Europe, may not have that amenity. If you find yourself in one of those situations, you can wet a towel, roll it up, place it next to the window so the breeze will blow cool air on you.

Check The Front Desk

You may get a little overzealous with your packing list, but if you need something in particular you can try checking the front desk. They’ll have toiletries, basic appliances, and some might even have gaming consoles to entertain children.

Getting An Upgrade

This one won’t always work. Sometimes if you ask about getting an upgrade and slide the front desk worker a 20, they’ll give you a better room. Again, this one won’t always work. They might just give you the 20 back because of hotel policy.

Tell Them It’s A Special Occasion

If you’re celebrating a birthday, honeymoon, or some other kind of special event, make sure to let the hotel know. They’ll often give you a free gift, discount, or upgrade along with a congratulations. Just make sure to not be rude while booking your room.

Make Sure To Complain

Now don’t rude about your complaining. That won’t get you anywhere. But don’t be afraid to voice any problems you had during your stay. They might give you some kind of compensation or a discount for any of your troubles.

Use The Do Not Disturb Sign

Depending on how much you trust your room service, you can use this sign to stop some people from entering your room, even if you’re not around. It implies that you’re still inside, so even housekeeping would likely hesitate to enter.

Wash Clothes In The Sink

Sometimes you can find yourself short on clothes and need to do some washing. However, using the amenities at the hotel itself can be a little expensive. Alternatively, at least with smaller clothes, you can wash in your own room. Use a shower cap and coins to block the drain and fill it with water. Than you can wash your clothes in the sink.