Here’s What Happened When A Woman Asked A Homeless Man To Watch Her Purse

Renee Williams was on her way to watch the Cincinnati Bengals defeat the Miami Dolphins for the Thursday night NFL game when her big purse was denied at the ticket gate.

Realizing her time was too tight to return it to her car, she took a chance and asked a nearby homeless gentleman for help. She offered the man five dollars to watch her purse for her while she was at the game.

“It was a toss in the air,” Williams told Cincinnati's WCPO. “It really was, more or less, if it's there, it's there. If it's not, it's not.”

Three hours later, the man and her purse were still there. Overwhelmed with gratitude at the stranger's kindness, Williams hugged the man.  She then snapped a photo with him and gave him the rest of the cash she had.

Later that night, Williams shared her story on Facebook. The post has since gone viral receiving over six thousand likes and thousands of shares.

In the end, Williams said it wasn't about the cash she gave him, nor was her purse even very valuable to her. She was just moved that he kept his word.

h/t WCPO