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Homecoming King Turned His Crown Over To His Friend With Cerebral Palsy

And they say teens care only about themselves.

Teenagers can get a bad rap for caring only about themselves. While this isn’t entirely wrong, according to psychologists, one Texas teen has kicked that rap to the curb with a simple, selfless gesture that’s receiving national attention.

Under the Friday night lights of the Sept. 16 Fossil Ridge High School homecoming football game, star quarterback Max Akin was named Homecoming King. He received the honor along with his crown and posed for a picture with the Homecoming Queen, as is common practice. But then he called his classmate K.L. Norwood over, took a knee and—with a bow—handed the crown to him.

Norwood, the football team manager, has cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t stop him from being “the most positive guy I’ve ever met in my life,” according to Akin. Norwood had been the Homecoming King runner-up.

“Everybody in the school loves K.L,” Akin told TODAY. “You see him walking down the hallway and he’s shaking at least 12 hands at a time.”

According to his football coach, Akin’s selfless act is par for the course.

“He’s got a big heart. He treats everyone like that, which is why he gets along with everyone,” football coach Tony Baccarini told TODAY. “He’s just a great spirit.”

Akin was the only member of the royalty court who didn’t make a plug for himself in a video clip the school shared with students. Instead, TODAY reports, he told his classmates: “I think whoever positively uplifts this school the most should win.”

Norwood, the football team manager, was his pick. Norwood told TODAY that Akin told him “I love you” and gave him the crown.

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Afterwards, the crowd chanted the newly crowned king’s name, and the story’s since taken off via social media.

Watch Norwood and Akin discuss their special moment in the video below: