Hilarious Things Spotted In The Airport

The airport isn’t much more than a hub for people to use for travel. The amenities aren’t too great on their own, the TSA can be annoying, and you could just find it overall difficult to rest. However, there can always be that one instance that makes you happy you had to go to the airport in the first place. Here are a few of those moments captured in photos.

Picking Up The Boss

Darth Vader has a very loyal group of troopers on his side. Looking for him, and ready to drive him back to his home. Hopefully they have better driving skills than they have aim.

Forrest Gump

It must have been a surreal experience seeing this man. Not only is he in the exact same outfit, but he looks like a young Tom Hanks. It’s a wonder if the style of dress was intentional or not.

Feeling Festive

Looks like this pair met each other in the terminal, and they were both in the festive mood. It’s certainly a nice pair of suits, it’s understandable why they felt they just had to take a picture.

Airport Hammock

You have to admire the ingenuity and the commitment to the bit. Airports aren’t exactly comfortable to sleep in anyway. The real feat is that none of the staff tried to get that hammock taken down.

Hidden Soldier

Is this Toy Story? Seems as though this army man was on a secret mission. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught… again.

Buff It Out

What kind of convention were these guys here for? Perhaps if the humans do a good job shining their feet, our robot overlords won’t try to destroy us.

Stick It To The Man

This goes to show why it’s dangerous to fall asleep in an airport. Don’t want children putting stickers all over you.

TSA Baby

The image is a little blurry so it’s hard to tell if this is a real baby or a toy. Hopefully it’s the latter, otherwise, someone needs to take a second look at the TSA’s guidelines.

Welcome Home

What prison was their mom in that she was coming from prison? At least her family is happy to see her again.

Riding The Wave

When you’re small, you’ve got a few more options for transport than a full-grown adult. For example, hitch a ride on an adult’s carry-on. It’ll get you plenty of miles.

A Kiss Goodbye… But Not For Too Long

To be fair, anyone that’s staying put and kissing for over three minutes is probably a nuisance and an obstruction. Think about it, when was the last time you kissed someone for over 3 minutes.

The Kingdom Of Blankets

People often carry blankets with them for their flight. The airplane gets a little chilly. But, if the airport’s a little chilly, they can also be perfect for napping before you board the plane too.

Stairway To Nowhere

Were they even paying attention when they started to climb the steps? There clearly isn’t even a plane there.

Who Was On X-Ray Duty?

Was anyone paying attention! There’s a man stuck in the X-Ray machine! Who’s getting fired!

Translation Error

It probably tried to say something along the lines of “Go back behind you”. Something always seems to be lost in translation.

The Man Who Could Sleep Anywhere

The number of people that can fall asleep practically upside-down while their head and upper back is resting on a suitcase off of the chair they’re sitting in must be staggeringly low.

A Critical Error In A Hawaiian Airport

For those of you that didn’t know, Mahalo is a term used by Hawaiian natives that means “thank you”. Now you also know what the problem here is.

The People That Need These Seats

Something in translation was probably lost, cause this sounds a lot more aggressive and demeaning than it’s probably supposed to.


Are they real? Are they fake? Who cares! They’re adorable! Just pick one up and cuddle!


They had a pretty good joke going there. Unfortunately, the word “departy” threw everything off. It adds an extra syllable to the song that makes it flow much less smoothly.

Just Ask Politely

See, that’s all you have to do. Just ask politely, then people won’t have emergencies near you. They’ll just go somewhere else.

Older Men Problems

The one man sleeping is bad enough, but his friend can’t even seem to read what’s on his phone with his glasses. He really needed a magnifying glass too?

Fun On The Runway

It’s nice to see the pilot having fun, even if he’s on a break, but isn’t this dangerous? This is where the planes come in and take off from.


That guy better not turn around. Otherwise his doppelgänger might move in.

Who Checked A Stick?

This isn’t a TSA check-in point, this is baggage claim. It’s got a tag and everything. Must be a pretty important stick that someone felt the need to shelve out a couple hundred dollars to check it. Maybe it’s a magic wand.