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Hilarious Texts Accidentally Sent To The Wrong Person

People accidentally text the wrong person all the time. Whether it’s because you just weren’t paying attention or because you didn’t have the right phone number as a contact, there are all sorts of reasons this could happen. And the results, to outside viewers, are always hilarious. Here are some of those accidental text messages you often see on the internet.

Janet And The Pie Recipe

Whoever this Janet person is, they really messed up. And probably made an enemy for life. Unfortunately, whoever’s Barbecue they messed up doesn’t have their phone number.

Blocked On Tinder

Oh this poor soul. You don’t block people by accident on Tinder. And while they may have had a fun time, it’s pretty clear that Ashly didn’t.

A Mistake Or A Ruse?

Telling someone you’re pregnant is normally an emotional affair. But there’s also the assumption that ordinarily you know that person. To be fair, they thought it was the father. Just a single number change can make all the difference.

A Job Opportunity

Normally, a misdial like this doesn’t lead to anything good. But for this young woman, she might have been able to find herself a job. Just the benefit of showing up a trained professional with only a few minutes of research.

Corey In The House

Technically they never responded whether or not this was the wrong number. But the response, regardless, was golden.

A Little Help From Qdoba

Planning parties or other social gathering can be difficult. Especially when you have feed people. Fortunately for this person, Qdoba caters.

Breaking Up

There’s probably a bit of missing context for the dumper here. But what’s pretty clear is that they texted the wrong person. Not unless the dumpee’s just in denial.

The Standard Cable

It’s curious what was done or said that this person felt it was necessary to send a picture of the “standard cable”. Well, whoever they sent it to was the wrong person.

The Wonderful Idiocy Of Kimber

She even signed her own name. As courteous as the person mistakenly sent this message was, it seems Kimber just doesn’t understand how wrong she is.

The Best Wrong Number

Despite not knowing who each other are, it seems as though they had a pretty good back and forth. There’s just so much love to be shared.

Rachyl And Tajlea

The ridiculousness of this person. Tajlea, this clearly isn’t Rachyl. If it was, they wouldn’t have said it was the wrong number. And regardless, you already have their number if you’re texting them.

The Wrong Mom

A lot of these wrong number are either funny or ridiculous. But this one’s actually a little heartwarming. Looks like this lady had her day made by it.

*Sweating Profusely*

It’s pretty cringeworthy to text people action like that, even as a joke. And to add insult to injury, it looks like they were given the wrong number.

“No This Is Patrick”

That joke from Spongebob Squarepants has persisted for a long time. Regardless, it’s nice that it brought a smile to someone’s face.

Please Don’t Mess Around

If you get a text from someone by mistake, it’s probably best to just stick to the basic answer of “no” if they ask if you’re someone else. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation like this.

An Amazing Person

This one might not have even been a misdial. Regardless of whoever this unknown texter is, they really brought up the mood of someone going through a tough time.

Please Call 911

That might have been a typo. But if it isn’t, the person you texted by mistake has the right idea. Call 911 instead!

The Turnaround

Well this went from a fun interaction and an honest mistake to being a pretty aggressive one. All at the drop of a hat. It’s safe to assume Ruya never stayed over at Stacey’s house.

Jake From State Farm

Sometimes you get help from the most unexpected of places. Whoever Brian texted probably isn’t actually Jake from State Farm, but he at least had someone to help cheer him up after his girlfriend cheated on him.

The Princess

This got really intimate really fast. It might actually make you curious to find out if they ever interacted again. Maybe one did end up becoming the other’s princess.

Fake Number

Always check to see if the phone number’s real before you part ways. Otherwise you may end up in the situation of this person.

White And Blonde

The faces are blotted out to protect their identities, but with the limited information, it’s fairly obvious that the subjects in the photo are black. And while it’s not clear which one’s supposed to look like the intended recipient of the text, we do know it didn’t reach them. After all, none of those people are white or blonde.

Also Not A Cat

This seemed to just be a back and forth interaction where nobody gained any new information. Why’d they start texting a stranger in the first place? Also, that’s a small dog, not a cat.

Call Mom

It’s true that this person didn’t actually need to call their mom, but maybe they should’ve checked who the number was before they called their mom. Would’ve saved them that 30 minutes in the long run. Besides, talking to one’s mother can’t be that bad… hopefully.

Merry Michelle

It’s a real mystery how this person keep accidentally texting Michelle instead. Hopefully they did end up becoming friends.