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Hilarious Tattoo Fails

Tattoos can be both a sign of artistic expression and just something you do on a whim. While a lot of designs can be subjective on quality, there are some tattoos that most everyone agrees should not have been put on someone’s body. Especially considering the fact that tattoos are permanent.

Angry Eagle

Well, that bird certainly looks unhappy. And the person that got the tattoo doesn’t look too happy about his decision either. After all, he did let an eagle move onto his forehead.

Lightning Bolt Or Pine Tree?

It’s supposed to be a lightning bolt, emulating Harry Potter’s famous scar. However, it still looks quite a bit more like a pine tree.

Bad Decisions

Yes, this individual has clearly made bad decisions. And broadcasting that to everyone with some ink on their back was definitely one of them.


Who is Brenda? And why was she important enough to this guy that her name was tattooed on this guy’s back in every conceivable font?

Michael Jackson

This individual decided to get a tattoo of the King of Pop as a homage, to show their appreciation after Michael Jackson’s passing. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist doesn’t appear to have been particularly skilled at making faces.

Onion Armpits

This person really wanted to keep people away. If your armpit smells like onions, they won’t come near you. Of course, that only applies to actual onions. Otherwise, you might just end up being left with a weird tattoo.

Plan Ahea

Looks like someone didn’t plan “ahead” when they went to get their tattoo. They were short one finger.


Looks like someone was committed to the bit. Not a lot of people would tattoo their head to match their handbag.

The Lion King

Someone must have really liked The Lion King to have gotten Simba and Mufasa tattooed on their back. Kinda unfortunate that the tattoo turned out like this.

Who’s With Stupid?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why someone would have STUPID tattooed on their forehead. And none of them are good reasons.

Pure Poetry

Getting your favorite lines of poetry or some other quote as a tattoo isn’t particularly strange or out of the ordinary. Now, tattooing a joke poem on any part of your body, that’s just bizarre.

Tiger Lily

Get it? It’s a “tiger lily”. If only the art looked just a little bit better.

Gear Shifting

Whoever got this tattoo has a need for speed. Shift the gears on their wrist until they get to the fastest setting and they speed through anything. Just like the decision to get this tattoo.

Two Face

That is potentially the most terrifying tattoo of all time. Imagine a kid sitting behind him on that airplane and seeing that.


Ignoring the fact that tattooing “Vegan” on your forehead is a bad idea by itself, did you know that most tattoo ink isn’t vegan?

Golf Socks

This person’s always ready for gold. They always have the long golf socks design on their calves.

Starry Sky

This is apparently supposed to be a tattoo of a starry sky, not just a random assortment of dots. Looks more like a reverse starry sky given the paleness of this person’s skin.

Dirty Pikachu

What else would call this thing? It seems as though putting joke faces on the Pokémon mascot is a popular activity.

Crouching Tiger

Much like the “tiger lily” from before, this tiger turned out a little bit less than stellar. Whether or not the design was intentional or not is unknown, but it does not look great.


This is why you should never get a tattoo in a language you don’t know. You could’ve tried to get the word “soul” or “power” tattooed on you. Then it turns out it says “turkey sandwich”.


They certainly didn’t believe that they could spell “yourself” and “hope” correctly.

Little Guy In A Human Suit

This is sort of just terrifying to look at. Sure, it’s funny, but this is a tattoo. You have to deal with this look for the rest of your life.

In Memorial

This is one of those moments where you just want to express your emotions and use your body as a canvas. It’s just a real shame that the tattoo artist was not good at doing people.

Oh, Baby

Another person just wanted to get their baby tattooed on their back. Now it looks like they have an alien there instead.

A Galaxy (Sort Of)

This is supposed to be a picture of a galaxy. Even though galaxies are incredibly chaotic and colorful, none of them look anything like this.

Permanent Glasses

This is an affront to all people that truly need glasses. All these do is make you look silly.

Eminem And M&M

Now this is a good joke. A very funny play on words. The only mistake they made was permanently tattooing it onto their body.

Musical Quotes

Forgiving the fact that the font of this tattoo is already abysmal, the name of the man is Bon Jovi, not Jon Bovi.

Money Talks

This is potentially one of the most horrifying depictions of Benjamin Franklin out there.

No Regrets…

Are you sure? No regrets? Not even one letter?