Watch This Awesome Surprise High School Students Planned For Their Campus Police Officer

The relationship between various communities and our men and women in blue has been rather tense to say the least for the past few years it seems, with various incidents dominating the headlines. Well, we'd like to show you the flip side of that coin, and this is a story you won't believe.

Let's go to Brentwood High School, located in the San Francisco East Bay. The school has an officer who works on campus by the name of Mitch Brouillette. He just goes by "Officer Mitch." The students decided that he deserved to be honored for the hard work he does keeping the campus safe, for counseling them and for being an all-around great guy. So the high school leadership team went to work, plotting a surprise for him with help from a Southern California clothing company called "DUDE. be nice." So here's how it went down. They were quite stealthy about it.

Here's our unsuspecting Officer Mitch

An affable fellow, very popular with the student body.

The students decided they were going to lure him into the main office—you remember getting called there back in the day, right?—by telling him that one of the students was in trouble due to a party video she posted online (that's serious stuff on a high school campus these days).

There they are together in the office

He is about to get handed a phone to show the incriminating video clip. Or so he thought. That's student Sienna trying to keep it together. A terrific actress.

And here's the reveal

She hands him the phone, and it features a series of testimonials about him. As one testimonial after another flashes by, Officer Mitch understandably gets a bit choked up.

But they're not done with him. After all, what kind of surprise is it if you can't also embarrass him a little bit? (Or a lot.)

Flash Mob time!

The entire student body (or so it appears) ambushes him with a huge flash mob, adorning him in a feather boa and furry white coat to help him stand out from the crowd.

The students also presented him with tickets to see his favorite NBA team, the Miami Heat, and a jersey of Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino, plus softballs signed by the students with personal messages on them. (He plays for a nationally-ranked police softball team.)

“Mitch is a very positive person,” Heritage sophomore Julia Schroer told The Press. “He always brings a smile to my face whenever I talk to him.”

Fellow student Jackie Broussard agrees. “He is the most genuine person," she said. "He'd do anything for any of the students.”

For his part, Brouillette feels the same. "I believe there's good in everybody. I try to just get them to see it. These kids are unbelievable."

DUDE. be nice is a clothing company, selling attire with their name on it, but they also aspire to help spread positivity. The Press notes that "A portion of every sale funds DUDE. be nice projects, which rally young people together in kindness, creativity and gratitude while they acknowledge amazing people in their lives."

Just how did they get involved with the school?

"Schools across the country write in and tell us why we should come out and celebrate a person in their community that is under appreciated," a company rep told The Delite. "The Heritage school was persistent and the story about Mitch caught our attention. So, we headed out to be a part of the story. However, schools and organizations are encouraged to use our model and resources to create their own DBN type of activities."

Here's the entire video—this one is gonna bring a tear to your eye!