This Heroic Teen Saved A School Bus Full Of Children After The Driver Collapsed

More than half of America's children ride the bus to school each day. And the good news is that riding the school bus is environmentally friendly, socially enriching and generally quite safe. In fact, fatal school bus accidents are rare.

However, sometimes unforeseen catastrophe strikes. And when it does, here's hoping that you have a teen hero like Jesse Frank on board!

Frank is an Alabama teen who just happened to make the last-minute decision to take the school bus home last month. Frank's reason for taking the bus, which was filled mostly with elementary students, shows just how special this teen is. He wanted to help another student who was having trouble speaking English, according to a Facebook post by Mayor of Pell City, Alabama, Bill Pruitt.

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Suddenly, the children on the bus became alarmed when the bus started to careen wildly. While everyone sat frozen in terror or shrieking in dismay, Frank rushed to the front of the bus. There he saw that the bus driver was having a medical emergency.

Frank didn't know what was going on with her, but he knew that the bus was on a collision course and they were all in danger. Thinking quickly, he used one hand to grasp the steering wheel, while he used the other hand to reach down and pump the brakes as hard as he could. He didn't let go of the brake until the bus was safely parked on the side of the road.