The Sweet Reason This Couple Switched Outfits On Their Wedding Day

Bridal fashion trends are ever-evolving: from crop tops, to dresses that aren't even white to an entirely different outfit once the ceremony is over. But here's a new one: What if you completely switched outfits and wore your groom's suit and he wore your dress? Well, one couple in the Chinese province of Sichuan did just that—the groom donned his bride's gown and she headed down the aisle in his tuxedo. But why?

Bride Ou Quian was worried about her weight gain over the couple's courtship, and felt uncomfortable in her wedding dress. Her now-husband Wu Shuai agreed to swap outfits with her so she would feel comfortable, donning her strapless wedding gown replete with a veil and bejeweled with rhinestones. Now he sounds like a keeper!

Posted by CGTN on Friday, December 16, 2016

Some adorable photos from their ceremony were documented on a Facebook post from China Global TV Network that has since gone viral and has received more than 67,000 reactions and thousands of comments sending good wishes to the bride and groom.

According to an interview with Shanghaiist, Ou said she came up with the idea after feeling unhappy about how she looked in her dress. Although her groom wasn't on board with wearing her wedding gown in the beginning, he eventually came around and agreed to the sartorial swap.

“Sometimes you just have to put yourself in her shoes,”  Wu said in an interview. “It's the key to a happy marriage.”

Posted by CGTN on Friday, December 16, 2016

We think this was quite the valiant and romantic move by the groom. No doubt he finds his bride beautiful no matter what she wears.

Maybe this could be the start of a whole new wedding trend—one where the bride actually gets to be comfortable on her big day. And for what it's worth, Wu looked lovely in his strapless gown.