Here’s How A Cop Turned This Little Boy’s Day Around

We all have our bad days. For this Indiana 4-year-old, he was done with the day—until an Indiana police officer helped lift him up by getting down with him.

Precious Cornner-Jones was attending a high-five rally at an Indianapolis school. Her pastor leads these high-five rallies, where members of the community give free high-fives to students walking into school.

Most of the kids were smiling and having a good time receiving high-fives, but there was one 4-year-old who wasn't having any of it. The boy was so upset with the day, he decided to lie down on the floor. The boy's mother was flustered, not knowing what to do, so Cornner-Jones told her that she would "deal with it."

Cornner-Jones, a mother of three children, then did something incredible. She laid down next to the boy, in the exact same position as the boy.

The boy looked surprised at first, wondering what was going on. Then, after a few moments on the ground, Cornner-Jones wiped the tears from his eyes and told him that everything would be OK. After a while, the boy began smirking at her, enjoying the moment they shared.

Sometimes, all kids need is for us to get down on their level. That's exactly what Cornner-Jones did.

"It wasn't a cop moment," Cornner-Jones said. "It was a mother moment."

The entire interaction only took five minutes, but it didn't take long for the story to go viral. Here's Cornner-Jones' Facebook post about the interaction with her new friend: