Guy Creates Custom Monopoly Board To Propose, And It’s Adorable

If this girl hadn't said yes (and I wasn't already married), I would have. Redditor, , proposed to his fiancee, Michal, in one of the most clever ways I've ever seen: through a custom-made Monopoly board.

As you know, there are a lot of cards and details on a game of Monopoly. Justin, being the thoughtful mastermind he is, took into account every single detail. Here's how he did it:

First, Justin created custom playing cards and property cards:

Then he recruited a friend help him create a custom board with events relevant to their lives. Note: They met on

This included their favorite hotels, streets they both grew up on, places they've traveled to, and where they had their first date.

He had every detail down ? he even made custom dice (he needed Michal to roll a 7 to land on the Chance square).

He gave her the gift at Christmas (she was overjoyed, as she loves Monopoly) and they played the game that day.

Just as Justin had planned, she landed on "Chance" and followed the instructions on the card.

Under the "Luxury Tax" was a secret compartment, but what could be inside??

Why of course, the beautiful engagement ring. Justin got down on one knee and "poured [his] heart out." Of course, Michal said yes!

In his comments on Imgur, Jsutin states, "It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it. I'll never forget that day, and Christmas will be that much more special to us."

Congrats to these two!

[h/t: Elite Daily]