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Groceries To Buy When At The Dollar Store

The dollar store is an excellent place to get cheap goods. While not everything is exactly a dollar, you’re certainly in for a good deal. While a low price ordinarily might denote that the products aren’t high quality, there are still some you’d be far better off getting at the dollar store than anywhere else.


If you get the chance, make sure to get bread while you’re at the dollar store. It really flies off the shelves. They have a variety of brands, including Wonder Bread and Nature’s Own. If you can figure out when the deliveries come in, you can get a $1 loaf of bread the same day.

Bottled Water

A six pack of water normally costs around four or five dollars. But at the Dollar Tree, you can get it for just one. You can even get a full gallon for the same price. It’s never a bad idea to have some emergency water in your house, or just use it for when you’re traveling.

Art Supplies

You can’t get any of the more high-end supplies at a dollar store, but you can certainly get the basics. If it’s for a school project or you’re just an amateur artist, the dollar store can be an excellent place to pick up supplies.


Chocolate, caramel, even movie theatre candy, can be sold at the dollar store. The selection is quite impressive. Again, you won’t be able to find those high-end brands for merely a dollar, but you can get plenty of the regular ones for that price. You can even get larger packs of candy for a dollar.


If you’re in need of mailing supplies, of course the dollar store would be a good place to get them. Depending on the store, you can get 40 to 80 dollars worth of envelopes for just a dollar.

Cough Drops

If you’re worried about getting a cough drop from the dollar store, don’t worry, they still carry named brand cough drops. They may come in smaller quantities though. They’ll still be excellent for carrying around with you in the event of an emergency.


It doesn’t matter what brand it is or how much money you spend on it, bleach is bleach. So, being able to get a 96 ounce bottle of bleach for a dollar would certainly be a good thing.

Plastic Food Containers

You can get plenty of good deals on plastic containers for storing food and leftovers. They don’t need to be from a named brand to do their job, but in case that makes you feel more comfortable, they have products from Betty Crocker and Ziploc. They have a variety of packs and sizes, all for a dollar or less.

Plates And Paper Plates

Why spend 30 to 80 dollars on plates when you can go to the dollar store. A plate doesn’t have to be particularly fancy to do its job, so you can certainly get a good set at the dollar store. And any deal you might expect with regular plates is even better with paper plates.


Plastic buckets have all kinds of uses. Carrying supplies, storing liquids, or even being used as a hiding place for eggs during Easter. That’s why it’d be a good idea to get this useful item for less than a dollar at the dollar store.

Pregnancy Test

You can actually get a pregnancy test at the dollar store. If you’re worried about how dubious the result could be, they’re still 99% accurate there, which is the same amount as a drug store pregnancy test. So, why not spend only a dollar on something so important.

Cotton Rounds

Normally a pack of cotton rounds costs three dollars at the regular store. But at the dollar store, you can get 80 of them for one dollar. They’re disposed of after use anyway, so you might as well save your money.

Hair Bands

People with longer hair may be familiar with the struggle of using hair ties. They can sometimes even snap on a dime. So, why not save a few dollars by getting a pack of hair ties at the dollar store. You can grab a pack of 30 for just a dollar.

Storage Boxes

Storage bins at larger outlets can charge eight to 12 dollars for storage bins. And that’s a real shame, because they’re a good thing for organizing and storing equipment. Fortunately, at the dollar store, you can get storage bins for eight to 12 times lower than at those other stores.


If you still prefer the written word to be written on paper, you can get plenty of books at the dollar store. The dollar store can provide you with any paperback or hardback book within its library for a greatly reduced price.

Trash Bags

Trash bags can be pretty expansive considering their purpose. However, you can find both named brand and generic trash bags at the dollar store for a greatly reduced price.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs can be used for a little bit more than just coffee, so they’re a wise investment. Available in several different colors, it makes sense to only spend a dollar on them. Especially if you’re a coffee lover.

Reading Glasses

Before visiting your optometrist or getting an expensive pair of glasses at a store, try buying a pair of reading glasses for a dollar. They come in a few different strengths and varieties, so you aren’t locked in to a singular eye prescription.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Solid, sparkly, and printed rolls, you can get any kind of wrapping paper you want at the dollar store. For all kinds of occasions, you can get a five dollar, 20-foot roll of wrapping paper for just one here.


Unless non-stick foil is a requirement, you can get good foil at the dollar store. You can pick up a variety of different sizes of foil for a third the price than at other stores. A 50-foot roll of foil normally costs three dollars at another store.


Even Hallmark cards get discounted at the dollar store. Don’t worry about breaking the bank getting a card for every occasion, just go to the dollar store.

Journals And Notebooks

Whether you need a journal for school or just want to have something to write your ideas in, the dollar store is the perfect place to one. You’ll find spiral-bound, mini, composition, and inspirational/PVC covered varieties at the dollar store, so you’re not short on options.

Dish Soap

You can get a bottle of Dawn, Ajax, or Palmolive at the dollar store for just a dollar. The size may vary between the brand, but the price will always remain ridiculously low.

Paper Clips

You can get either an 80-pack of colored paper clips or a 250 pack of silver ones for a dollar at the dollar store. It makes sense that these shouldn’t break the bank, you’re bound to so many of them throughout the year.

Dental Hygiene Supplies

Oral hygiene is important, so why not make sure to spend as little money on it as possible. You can get a two-pack of toothpaste and a toothbrush for only a dollar when at the dollar store.

Scotch Tape

Target sells scotch tape for five dollars. You can get this same product at Dollar Tree for one. There’s not much point in spending the extra money on something like tape.