The Greatest NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time

Peter Brouillet/Getty Images

Few positions in all of sports command the kind of respect and attention that the quarterback does. Every starting quarterback — especially those at the NFL level — faces serious scrutiny and typically gets much of the credit or blame for their team’s performance. Many men have lined up under center over the approximately 150 years the game of football has been played, but few could be considered among the legends of the sport.

We’ve taken a look back through NFL history and come up with a list of the absolute best to ever play quarterback (as of the time of publication). The players on the list are ranked in order of greatness, based on a combination of traditional stats, advanced metrics, wins, playoff performances and legacy. A few of the men on the list go back to the early days of pro football, while others are still taking snaps today.

Did your favorite quarterback make the list?

Last updated January 30, 2020.