This Grandpa Wanted To Match His Grandson And The Result Is Adorable

A couple of weeks ago, Bob Graham turned 57 and decided he wanted a shirt so he could match his 9-month-old grandson Luke.

His inspiration? Every month, Graham's daughter/Luke's mom, Mary Beth Valuk, had been embroidering Luke's age onto onesies for a photo collage.

"My dad has said to me for some time that he wanted a matching one for his birthday, so he and Luke could take a picture," Mary Beth told The Huffington Post.

So, his wish was granted and he got his own adult-sized version, celebrating his 684 months on earth.

Valuk's husband Matt then posted the pic on Reddit—and Redditors soon took over.

These two make quite the pair, and folks online definitely took notice.

We agree. They are totally adorable.

"I thought it was hilarious," Matt told The Huffington Post. "I showed all my co-workers, and they got a good laugh, too. I threw it up on Reddit on a lark before I went to sleep and woke up and it had a bunch of upvotes, so other people clearly thought it was funny too."

Does Graham like being Reddit-famous? "Grampy said he's 'blowing up like a Samsung phone' and loved the fact he was 'internet famous' for a day," Matt said.

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Of course, #twinning is a thing, and the above reminds us of another one of our favorite matching pairs—this couple who have been married for 52 years and have worn matching outfits every day for years.

According to CNN, the couple, Ed and Fran Garguila, decided to start matching when they started square dancing several years ago. Then their grandson noticed one day and posted the above Twitter status. "Everybody looks forward to what they're going to wear," Rich Garguila, the couple's son, told CNN.

#Twinning for the win!