This Grandma’s Crib Mishap Will Make Your Entire Week

We have a feeling you could use a good laugh right about now, and this video should do the trick.

You see, Valerie Sharp, a grandma, was watching her grandchildren when she had a little, well, incident. But, don't worry, everyone turned out to be just fine!

Let us also state that this amazing grandma watches her two grandkids on the regular while her daughter is at work, so she deserves major kudos for that. On one such day, Sharp had her 11-month-old granddaughter, Lola, asleep and ready to be set down in her crib.

Sharp—as anyone who's ever put a baby to sleep can relate to—was being VERY careful not to wake little Lola as she put her down. Given that Sharp is just 5 feet 1 inches tall, she has to use a step stool to access the crib.

As was caught on the baby monitor camera in Lola's room, we see Sharp step onto the stool, lay Lola down and then fall headfirst into the crib herself. Down came grandma, baby and all!

Thankfully, she didn't land on the baby, but instead landed right beside her. The worst part, really, is that Lola woke up during her grandma's spill—which means poor Sharp had to start the delicate rock-baby-to-sleep-then-lay-her-down-without-waking-her-up process all over again.

"It kind of happened rather quickly," Sharp told TODAY. "I was so thankful that, the way that I had her in my arms, my body didn't touch her or hit her in any way as I went down. The worst that happened was that I jolted the mattress, and with that, she woke up."

When Lola's mom, Nikki Bishop, was going through footage caught on the baby monitor camera, she saw the whole incident take place. She posted the video to Facebook, not realizing the kind of attention it would receive. At the time of publication, the video had received over 49 million views.

"My mom is going to kill me but I had to post," Bishop wrote. "For those of you who don't know my mom she is 5ft and has always been vertically challenged. I love this crazy woman!”

Sharp's been a great sport about the whole thing. “My friend said to me, 'You've made millions of people laugh or smile today,' so I guess that's a good thing," she told TODAY. "I did feel bad it happened, and I am glad we are both okay. But I think people need a good laugh right now."