‘Grandma Uber’ Gets Women Home Safely At Night

G'day and meet Kathy Raydings, aka "Grandma Uber."

This kind-hearted 57-year-old from the Australian Gold Coast has decided to specialize her Uber service. She thinks that women need an Uber driver they can count on to deliver them back home after a night on the town "without the risk of deviant, ill-intentioned drivers taking advantage of their youth and intoxicated state in a negative way," as Raydings told Huffington Post.

She started driving with Uber after she was attacked by a dog while inspecting a client's home as part of her job in the solar panel industry. But that was then, and this is now. Take a look at this video.

Raydings shows up with plenty of snacks and soft drinks for her passengers to enjoy. "I have a huge Bundy Rum esky in the boot filled with chocolates," Raydings told HuffPost Australia. It usually lasts a week and a half." (BTW, esky=cooler and boot=trunk).

The header of Grandma Uber's Instagram page shows how to get her schedule. She's also bringing on a team of additional grandmas under her umbrella, so there will be a fleet of granny Ubers in Brisbane.

"They'll obviously need to get their Uber approval and credentials, but then drive under the Grandma Uber banner and logo,” she said in the HPA story. “We'll dress up their cars with stickers so the girls will recognize that it's another Grandma Uber.” (Here's Grandma Sheree's sked, for example.)

Gotta love these grandmas taking this extra step to keep young women safe!