This Grandma Moved Into The Shed Behind Her House When Her Daughter’s Family Needed A Place To Live


By now, you've probably heard about how tiny houses are all the rage—people downsizing and deciding they don't need as much space as they once did, so they trade in their big (or even modest) homes for a tiny one. But one woman, Monica Smith, went for a tiny tiny house and decided to live in her backyard shed—which is 8 feet by 10 feet. Yes, you read that correctly: 8 feet by 10 feet.

Why did she do it, especially since she already had a non-tiny home? According to ViralNova, Smith's youngest daughter had recently lost her home, and she had five children. According to Smith's other daughter, Anna, the main house is a two-bedroom. So, Smith decided they could live in the main house and she'd move into her shed.

Awww. She should be named “Mother-And-Grandmother-of-the-Year,” right?

But living in a shed?! If you immediately conjure up images of garage tools and mildew, think again. The shed is adorable, thanks to the time and energy Smith put into renovating it, and it even has a second floor.

Here's a brief tour:

It has a kitchen.

And a living room.

And that's just the first floor!

When you go up this ladder, it leads to the bedroom.

Look at all the natural light!

Impressed yet? Or inspired to move into a tiny house of your own? (I know I am!)

Plus, here's another fun fact: Smith did all of the work herself. At times, her children and grandchildren helped, as well, but Smith never hired contractors (!).

We were impressed before, but now we are even more so.

Smith's shed reminds us of the “Granny Pods” (aka MEDCottages) that started springing up earlier this year, wherein one's aging parents can live in a guest house, of sorts, behind the main house. With a setup like that, families can have privacy yet can be together at a moment's notice. The same goes for Smith and her family—a win-win situation.

And the fact that Smith selflessly did this to help her daughter and grandchildren? We are blown away.

In any case, we thank Smith for reminding us about the true meaning of giving, as well as being proof that home truly is what you make it.